Where To Find The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes Under $20

Quality affordable makeup brushes can be hard to come by. Therefore, we have put together the best cheap makeup brushes and brush sets you need!

Makeup brushes are such an important part of your makeup routine, however, let’s be real… they’re pricey AF. You hear people talk about affordable ones that work great, but it’s easy to forget where they’re from and what brands are worthy and what aren’t. No need to worry though, because we have put together 15 of the best cheap makeup brushes and brush sets that are under 20 dollars and work like a charm!

Finding the best cheap makeup brushes are hard to come by, which is why we put together 20 brushes for under 20 dollars!  Finding the best cheap makeup brushes are hard to come by, which is why we put together 20 brushes for under 20 dollars!

1) Cinidy Makeup Brushes Set

These beautiful mermaid brushes provide you with all the angles and edges you need to sculpt, contour, and highlight your face! There super soft bristles won’t disappoint, and are great for sensitive skin!

2)  Amoore 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set

This makeup brush set comes with brushes equipped for your eyes, upper lip, and face! The 100% vegan bristles are shed proof, and apply your glam seamlessly onto the skin!

3) EmaxDesign 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

For a small price of $12.99 you will get a complete set of 10 brushes for your blending needs! These handmade synthetic brushes hold makeup easily and are perfect for normal or sensitive skin!

4) Terresa Makeup Brushes

Yes another mermaid theme, but this 10 piece set is rated so highly on amazon that I couldn’t not include it! These products are a guaranteed seamless application, and come with a brush for everything! 

5) EmaxDesign 8 Piece Makeup Brush Set

These brushes are also handmade out of synthetic fiber, and hold makeup well.  The angled brush in this set makes for a great way to apply your blush, and foundation application is supposed to be a breeze as well!

6) Susenstone 20 Piece Makeup Brush Set

This super cute makeup set comes with 20 of the best cheap makeup brushes for a little over $7! How can you beat that, right?  There is a brush in here for everything you need!

7) Duorime 7 Piece Black Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set

These newly designed brushes are the best when it comes to your foundation routine! The “toothbrush” design allows for you to have a more precise application, all for under $10!

8) EmaxDesign 20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

With over 2 thousand reviews on amazon and the average customer review rated at 4 stars, EmaxDesign 20 piece set is said to contain some of the best cheap makeup brushes around!

9) BS-MALL Premium 14 Piece Brush Set

What I love so much about this makeup brush set is that it comes with so many foundation brushes! With 5 large brushes to choose from, you should have no problem creating a flawless glam!

10) Ammiy 18 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Ammiy has some of the best cheap makeup brushes due to their soft material and the way they hold your powder and foundation. However, what I love the most is that they come with a protective case so you can travel with them!

11) EmaxDesign 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

These affordable hand made bamboo brushes are great for liquids, powders, and creams to allow for a flawless application of face and eye makeup!

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12) LADES Unicorn Design Makeup Brushes

These adorable unicorn designed brushes are the essential tools for eyes, contour, brows, and highlight! Not to mention they come with a sponge for foundation and a “brush egg” to clean excess makeup off your brushes!

13) #1 PRO Makeup Brush Set

Although this set isn’t as comparable in size to the others, these are still some of the best cheap makeup brushes out there! They are shed proof, durable, and vegan while all coming in a perfect travel container!

14) USpicy 10 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

Toothbrush designed makeup brushes are a favorite of mine, and U-Spicy’s reviews for this set all 4 and a half stars! These brushes apply makeup flawlessly and are flexible so you can really get into the crevices of your skin.

15) ABC 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

These gorgeous gold makeup brushes are great for blending out your makeup! Super soft and apply makeup seamlessly, this product should go a long way for just a little over $13!

What are some of your best cheap makeup brushes? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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