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Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

Finding a small number of great Valentine’s day date ideas can be hard to find when most of them are the old ‘see a romantic movie’ or ‘go out to a restaurant you’ve never been to.’ Don’t do the same old thing every year, do something exciting and more your guys’ speed! You’ll love these Valentine’s day date ideas!

1. Seeing The Latest Movie

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be full of sappy love stories! The latest night is a great way to get away from other couples. The movies are a nice place to talk to each other if there is no one in the theater and you can get popcorn and a soda without spending an arm and leg!

It’s great if you are looking to not spend much on a date but want to have fun! This is one of those great valentine’s day date ideas that are great in any situation, but if you never go to the movies, it’s a great way to get out and do something for a little bit!

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

2. Go On A Day-cation 

Having a day where it’s just the two of you is great, but going somewhere where you don’t normally go (like the city) is a great way to see more than you would on a normal day! It’s a great way to explore with the person you love and find out new things about them because the best way to learn more is by going out and being in certain situations! This is great if you have time and money to get a hotel room for the night and see the city! It’s great when you can relax and go out without any obligations!

3. Dinner At Home

If you have a busy schedule that prevents one of you from going something exciting, create a fancy dinner at home where it’s just the two of you and make the night romantic and all about connection! It’s not all the time where you can have dinner and not worry about cleaning the house or feeding the dog. This is one of those very simple valentine’s day date ideas that can help anyone who has a significant other who seems to be too busy for the elaborate dates plans!

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

4. Picnic

Are one of you unable to do something during the night, but are free during the day? Packing for a picnic is a great way to get some romance in! It can be sweet and light or a candlelight feast during the day! Making a picnic up during that shows the other person that you are trying to fit something romantic and kind into the day and telling them it’s okay that they can’t do something at night! It’ll tell them that you can adapt to certain scenarios!  

5. Game Night

A game night can make for a fun night with either just you two or a group of couples! It is a nice way to incorporate team activity and individual competition! It’ll get the gears grinding and will make for an interesting night with friends that love winning just as much as you. 

Game nights can also be great with just the two of you. It can make for a low key night and a little one-on-one competition! There can be incentives while playing games too which can make the game night even more interesting! You’ll want to put this as one of your plan ‘B’ Valentine’s day date ideas!

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

6. Bowling/Arcade 

The competition can keep going with a game of bowling or any arcade games if you ended up going out for a night of fun! This is a great idea if you want to try something new with your significant other. It can also make for a packed night so you won’t be stuck trying to find something else to do after you get done! Depending on how competitive you are, bowling may take a little while because who wouldn’t want to do best 2 out of 3 if they lose!

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7. Activity Park 

This is one of the best places to go if you know you both need to let out a little energy! You can go through obstacle courses and jump on giant trampolines all day long! There is so much to do at places like this that you may just want to have a small dinner at home after an exciting day at an activity park! If you both haven’t gone to a park-like this before, you can discover a love for parks like this or a dislike for them, whatever you end up deciding!

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

8. Comedy Club

Have you ever been to a comedy club with your significant other? If you haven’t, should let them discover the greatness which a comedy club is and have a mutual love for it! If this is your first Valentine’s together, this is a great opportunity to find out what your significant other likes for comedy and have a fun night laughing at jokes while having a great night being each other’s company!

9. Concert

Do you know your significant others favorite band? Are they your favorite band too? This is the perfect opportunity to surprise your other half with the best day by giving them one of the greatest Valentine’s day date ideas you have ever come up with! You’ll love the look on their faces when you tell them what you have in store for the night when they come home! They’ll keep it as one of the best memories they’ve had in a while and you’ll be known as the best Boyfriend/Girlfriend they have ever had!

10. A Night On The Town

Are you unsure about where to do for Valentine’s day? Don’t want the classic dinner and movie? Have a night on the town! Find spots you’ve never been to before! Look for a spot you already spotted beforehand and surprise them with a nice night of your choice! Make them have a night full of smiling and laughing while handing hands and exploring the town you live in!

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas We’re Swooning Over

Have you done one of these dates before? Do you have more ideas? Tell us in the comments below!
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