10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

Homewreckers are defined by Collins English Dictionary as, “[People] who [are] blamed for the break-up of a family, especially because of an affair with one of the marriage partners.” Both men and women can be labeled as homewreckers.

Regular people are invested in the personal lives of celebrities, athletes, and public figures. Celebrity relationships are more difficult to maintain compared to those of regular people. If there’s any drama occurring in any famous person’s love life, many become invested in all of the latest scoop being published and/or said. If there’s any cheating or homewreckers involved in the demise of any famous couple’s relationship, there’s bound to be a whole lot of drama!

Homewreckers aren’t just limited to the people responsible for breaking up a marriage and/or relationship. Any romantic relationship (married or not) is between two people and the person who wrecked the relationship by getting involved with another is responsible for the demise of their romantic relationship as is the third person. Therefore, the unfaithful partners can be labeled as homewreckers too. 

Now, with all of that being said, listed below are 10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers: 

1. Angelina Jolie:

The Oscar-Winning Actress and Humanitarian is one of the famous homewreckers of all time!  There’s been heavy media coverage and drama surrounding Jolie’s personal life as she has broken up two high profile relationships.

She pursued a romance with her Pushing Tin co-star and eventual second husband Billy Bob Thornton  while he was engaged to Laura Dern. Jolie and Thornton’s marriage lasted from 2000-2003. A few years later, she pursued a romance with her Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star and eventual third husband Brad Pitt while he was married to Jennifer Aniston! Jolie and Pitt, who are also the parents of six children (3 adopted and 3 biological) eventually wed in 2012, and their high published divorce was finalized in 2019.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

2. Mauro Icardi:

Out of all of the famous homewreckers featured in this article, all of the drama surrounding how Soccer  Player Mauro Icardi gained a reputation as a homewrecker has the makings of a soap opera and/or movie! 

When Icardi was playing for Sampdoria, he became close friends with teammate and fellow Argentine Maxi Lopez in 2012. At the time, Lopez had been married to Wanda Nara since 2008 and they had three sons together. Their marriage crumbled in late 2013 after Nara had begun an affair with Icardi! Just months after her divorce with Lopez was finalized, Nara and Icardi wed in a small ceremony. Nara and Icardi have two daughters together.

The affair and marriage caused controversy in Argentina and made headlines all over the world. Nara and Icardi have received tons of hate as a result. Icardi also earned a reputation as one of the most notorious homewreckers who are professional athletes. To this day, Nara, Icardi, and Lopez have exchanged words through the media, and drama has ensued during games Icardi and Lopez have played in against each other. Icardi even got tattoos of his wife’s three sons with Lopez on his arm!

Icardi, who is currently on loan at Paris St. Germain from Inter Milan, is one of the best Argentine players in the world right now but has only played for the Argentina National Team eight times (scoring once) since his debut in 2013. He hasn’t made the final squads for international tournaments such as Copa America and The FIFA World Cup.

It is rumored (and is always denied) that the reasons for his exile from the national team are due to his controversial marriage and the fact that Leo Messi (one of the greatest football players of all time and the captain of the Argentina National Team) is great friends with Maxi Lopez! Messi and Lopez were previously teammates in Barcelona from 2005-2007, winning a Spanish Super Cup title, a Champions League title, and two La Lige titles together in that time span. Although the two are no longer teammates, the friendship between Lopez and Messi(who still plays for Barcelona) remains tight to this very day.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

3. LeAnn Rimes:

Another one of the most famous celebrity homewreckers includes Country Singer LeAnn Rimes. During production of the 2009 Lifetime TV Film Northern Lights, she began an affair with her co-star Eddie Cibrian. At the time, Rimes was married to back-up dancer Dean Sheremet while Cibrian was married to model and eventual Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandy Glanville (Cibrian and Glanville have two sons together).

When the affair was exposed by the paparazzi, that didn’t stop Rimes and Cibrian from seeing each other. Both eventually divorced their spouses in 2010 and got engaged in December of that year. Rimes and Cibrian got married on April 22, 2011, and are still going strong to this day. However, the public feud between Rimes and Glanville is still strong and alive to this very day.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

4. Tony Parker:

The second of the three famous homewreckers who are male professional athletes to be featured in this article is recently retired NBA Star Tony Parker. The four-time NBA Champion, who spent the majority of his career on the San Antonio Spurs, had an affair with Erin Barry, the wife of his Spurs teammate Brent Barry.

At the time of the affair, Parker was married to Actress Eva Longoria and they were close friends with the Barrys. Longoria filed for divorce in November 2010 after finding hundreds of text messages from Erin on Parker’s phone. Shortly after it was announced that Longoria and Parker were ending their marriage, it was also revealed that Erin and Brent were divorcing too.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

5. Brittany Kerr:

The former NBA Dancer and former American Idol contestant (on the left) made headlines in after she was photographed making out with Country Singer Jason Aldean (on the right) at a bar. The photographs caused controversy as Aldean was married at the time to Jessica Ussery, his high school sweetheart and the mother of his two daughters. Kerr had to shut down her Twitter page after users called her everything from “skank” to “homewrecker” and “tramp”. 

Although Aldean apologized for his actions on Facebook, he and Ussery filed for divorce in 2013. He later began dating Kerr officially in 2014. Like with LeAnn Rimes, Kerr is another one of the most famous homewreckers who are still together with the person they stole from another as she and Aldean ultimately got married on March 21, 2015. The couple have a son and a daughter together. 

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

6. Russell Crowe:

The Oscar-Winner became romantically involved with co-star Meg Ryan during production of the 2000 film Proof of Life. However, Ryan was still married to actor Dennis Quaid (who is also the father of her son Jack) at the time. Ryan and Quaid would eventually divorce in 2001. 

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

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7. Kristen Stewart: 

Twilight fans were heartbroken after photos of Kristen Stewart (the film series’s lead star) kissing Rupert Sanders, were released by US Weekly in July 2012. Sanders was the director of Stewart’s movie Snow White and the Huntsman, which was released the same year. 

At the time the photos were published, Stewart was in a relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson while Sanders was married to model and actress Liberty Ross (Sanders and Ross have two children together). The photos of Stewart and Sanders having an affair literally set the internet on fire.

Shortly after the photos were released, Stewart issued a public apology to Pattinson, Ross and her children, and heartbroken Twilight fans for the affair, as did Sanders. The Twilight co-stars ended up getting back together in October 2012, only to split for good in May 2013. Meanwhile, Sanders and Ross filed for divorce in 2013 and it was finalized a year later.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

8. Billy Crudup:

The Tony-Winner, who currently stars on the Apple TV+ Series The Morning Show, left actress Mary-Louise Parker, his then-girlfriend of eight years, for another actress: Claire Danes, his co-star in the films Princess Mononoke and Stage Beauty. It was when production for the latter film concluded in 2003 that the rumored affair between Crudup and Daines began.

When Crudup left Parker, she was seven months pregnant with their son William at the time. Crudup and Danes were together for three years before they broke up in 2006. 

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

9. Elizabeth Taylor:

The two-time Oscar-Winner’s personal life, especially her eight marriages, received tons of media attention and public disapproval. After her third husband Mike Todd (with whom she had a daughter with) was killed in a plane crash, she was comforted by Eddie Fisher, a close friend of the couple and Taylor’s Butterfield 8 co-star. A scandal erupted after the affair between Fisher and Taylor was made public. Taylor gained a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most famous homewreckers as she was a close friend of Debbie Reynolds, Fisher’s wife (and mother of their two children, Carrie and Todd) at the time. 

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

10. Tiger Woods: 

Along with Mauro Icardi and Tony Parker, golfer Tiger Woods is also another notable name to include in the list of homewreckers who are male professional athletes. Remember his highly publicized divorce with ex-wife Elin Nordegren (with whom he has a daughter and son with) after his many extramarital affairs were reported by the media? According to one source, Woods cheated on his wife more than 120 times during their six-year marriage.

10 Celebrities Who Are Also Homewreckers

Besides the ones listed above, are there any other celebrities that you know of who have reputations as Homewreckers? Let us know which other celebrities down below in the comments section!

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