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5 Brunch Places In Austin For A Delicious Meal

5 Brunch Places In Austin For A Delicious Meal

Everybody loves to Brunch! Brunch places in Austin are not hard to find, but it is hard to decide where to go. There are so many options, and all of them are incredibly delicious, making you want to go to all of them, all at the same time. I have placed some of my favorite brunch places in Austin in a list to try and make it easier for you. Below are five brunch places in Austin that will give you a delicious meal.

1. Texas French Bread

Every day at Texas French Bread, there are freshly baked pastries, bread, and desserts, all made from scratch. They have incredible sandwiches and salads and even serve dinner on select days on the week, and only for certain hours. You can feel good walking into and out of Texas French Bread as you know that only the best ingredients are used (only local and sustainably raised ingredients). Texas French Bread started in their kitchen and became so popular that they were forced to move it to a commercial space. That’s how you know its really good!

5 Brunch Places In Austin For A Delicious Meal

2. Chez Zee

Recently named one of the 100 best brunch restaurants in America, Chez Zee is one of the brunch places in Austin that you just don’t want to miss. Famous for their incredible brunch and desserts, you can’t leave without a bite from everything. They are supporters of local art, and you can tell by the funky decor and incredible paintings up on the walls. The owners of this establishment are proud of how far they’ve come and pour all of their love into every meal, and you can taste it. Don’t miss out on the incredible food!

3. Elizabeth’s Street Cafe

Beautiful both inside and out, Elizabeth’s Street Cafe combines a Vietnamese cafe and a French bakery, an unlikely combination, but heavenly still. Every part of this restaurant is beautiful, and every corner looks a little different from the rest. It is instagramable from every step of the journey, whether it be the pink door when you are about to walk in, or the seating area, or your food (my favorite is their House Baked Brioche French Toast). This is the place to go for a fun and beautiful time. Make all of your friends jealous of your experience! If you don’t believe me, the reviews are in! Go check what all the press has said about them (it’s all positive).

5 Brunch Places In Austin For A Delicious Meal

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4. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden

Bangers is a wonderful place to brunch, especially if you want to experience something laid back where you can eat, drink, and hang out. Everything is homemade and reasonably priced. They believe that quality food can still be sold at a reasonable price! They love their customers and put their utmost effort into making sure that they are having an incredible experience while enjoying their incredible food. This hangout spot is the place to be if you want a nice, chill brunch with your friends!

5. Launderette

Vintage is in right now, and Launderette gives off major vintage vibes. If you want a place that you can take incredible photos for Instagram AND have a delicious meal, this is the place to go. Named 2016 Restaurants of the year by Food & Wine, 2016 Best New Restaurants Finalist by James Beard Foundation, 2016 Best New Restaurants in Texas by Texas Monthly, and 2015 Restaurant of the Year by Eater Austin, there is no denying that Launderette is the place to go for brunch.

5 Brunch Places In Austin For A Delicious Meal

Have you been to any of these brunch places in Austin? If you end up visiting them let me know down in the comments what you think of them and how your experience was!

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