6 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To In Boston

Here are some great ideas to match your budget! Keep reading for 6 restaurants to take your parents to in Boston on their next visit.

Are your parents coming to visit while you’re at school in Boston? Are you stuck deciding where you’re going to take them for dinner? Luckily, there are so many great restaurants and they’re all easily accessible. Here are some great ideas to match your budget! Keep reading for 6 restaurants to take your parents to in Boston.

1. Luke’s Lobster

Location: Back Bay

Cuisine: Seafood $


A cheaper alternative to Neptune Oyster and a family friendly feel!

2. Pho Basil

Location: Massachusetts Ave

Cuisine: Vietnamese $


Not only is this place close to campus, but it has delicious Vietnamese food! Affordable and cozy!


3. The Elephant Walk

Location: the South End

Cuisine: Cambodian $$


If your family wants to try something new, this place is great for its unique and tasty food, not to mention its friendly atmosphere!

4. The Salty Pig

Location: Back Bay

Cuisine: American $$


Who doesn’t love wine, meat, and cheese??? They’re also known for their delicious pizzas and contemporary interior!


5. Neptune Oyster

Location: Salem Street

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Cuisine: Seafood $$$

As a college student with a limited budget, I always take advantage of my parents being in town. Though pricey, Neptune is a must-go for classic Boston seafood! Their lobster rolls can’t be beat!



6. Top of the Hub

Location: Back Bay

Cuisine: American $$$

Fine dining with a breathtaking view! Your parents are sure to love it.

Where are other great restaurants to take your parents to in Boston? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
Featured photo source: foodforfel.com