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10 Cute Date Ideas Around NC State

10 Cute Date Ideas Around NC State

From adventurous dates rock climbing to more romantic dates at the Forks and Cheat Winery, these are the 15 best date ideas around WVU!

Are you stuck wondering where to take your date around NC State? Don’t worry! From the NC State Fair, to bowling and classic dinner spots, there’s plenty to do. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas around NC State!

1. Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry’s!

Ice cream is already a girl’s best friend and a nice date at the local ice cream shop on Hillsborough Street could make for a cute date. Sit outside and spend time enjoying the downtown scenery while also enjoying your ice cream.

2. Enjoy breakfast at Flying Biscuit.

Everyone enjoys breakfast and Flying Biscuit has some of the best around. Enjoy a morning or dinner at Flying Biscuit for the perfect meal and date.


3. Go bowling at The Alley.

The Alley has rich history in that it’s been around for years. Make the perfect date by going there for a night of bowling and fun with your significant other. Make it a group outing for even more competition and more fun.

4. Have chicken and waffles at Tupelo Honey Café.

Yet another great place for food and fellowship and the perfect place for an inexpensive date. Take your significant other to Tupelo Honey Café for a rich date and become part of a Raleigh tradition. Be sure to try the chicken and waffles!

5. Take pictures at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens.

Spend the afternoon exploring the garden at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. Beautiful nature filled scenery which also makes for the perfect background for photos. An afternoon here can also create an intimate bonding experience and generate some quality time.

6. Go to Insomnia Cookies after midnight.

Insomnia of course has the best cookies around and luckily it’s right across the street from NC State. A quick date here after midnight will make for the perfect snack with a cute experience. Try their delicious cookies while also enjoying some cold milk.


7. Have a picnic at Pullen Park.

Pullen Park, located right next to NC State, has a lot of experiences to offer the entire community. A picnic here on the right afternoon will offer the perfect date.

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8. Go to Blue Ridge Cinemas for a $2 movie.

Blue Ridge Cinemas makes for the perfect inexpensive date. Check out a movie that has yet to hit DVD but isn’t mainstream box office in the movie theaters for just $2. Popcorn and drinks are inexpensive too so stock up on snacks before your flick!

9. Have dinner at H Street Kitchen.

Yet another perfect dinner spot for your date night. H Street Kitchen offers a relaxed, sports-bar like dinner experience with great food. Best of all, it’s local and very close to NC State (on Hillsborough Street).

10. Go on all the rides at the NC State Fair!

The NC State Fair only comes once a year in October but it does make the perfect date night. It’s truly one of the best date ideas around NC State. This experience is one for the books that you’ll definitely want to share with your significant other. The food is amazing and the rides are fun as well. Have your partner win you a giant prize and eat as much as you can while enjoying this special experience together!

Is the NC State Fair on your list of date ideas around NC State?

What are your favorite date ideas around NC State? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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