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10 Best Places To Cry At UW La Crosse

10 Best Places To Cry At UW La Crosse

10 Best Places To Cry At UW La Crosse

Are you at the point of the semester where obligations and work loads are simply leaving you in tears? Got a group project whose members are letting you down again? Living by the glow of your laptop trying to get the third paper done this week? We all know how stressful college can be, and how often it leaves us with the need to shed a few tears. If you’re a student, here are a few places to cry at UW La Crosse, free of judgment!

1. Second Floor of Murphy Library

Grab a seat in one of the beanbags between the stacks, or a private partitioned desk and let the tears flow. Not only will no one disturb you in this quiet area of the library, but anyone who overhears your cries will understand your reasons for doing so.



2. The Rec Center

Conceal those tears beneath sweat and labored breaths in the Rec Center, and work some of those feelings out! Chances are most people working out won’t hear you through their workout playlists either.

3. The Bluffs

Take your troubles to the Bluffs and overlook campus and the rest of the city. The scenery and fresh air will clear your mind and emotions, and nature will be the only witness to your blubbering.



4. UWL Student Union

With comfy chairs placed all around the lower level of the student union, you’re bound to find a place where you can have a cry session. The dim lighting and the noises of the arcade games throughout the floor will drown out your sorrows too.


5. Myrick Park

This beautiful area just off campus is another great spot to cry and let out some of those ever building feelings. Whether it’s on the trail itself or the area overlooking the marsh, you can find some peace of mind and cry as much as you need in this calming and quiet place.



6. Stairwells of Wimberly Hall

Aside from a few hours in the day, you won’t find too many people in the stairwells of Wimberly Hall, or any hall on campus for that matter. Seize those off peak hours, take a seat on the steps and cry until your heart’s content.

7. Movie Theater at the UWL Student Union

Feel free to take a seat in the back and make yourself comfortable, whether there’s a movie playing or not. Once the lights go down no one will notice your weeping. Hell, if there’s a film playing they may just think the tears are your reaction to the movie.



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8. The Parking Ramp

So, you might see a few people heading to and from class in the ramp, but take a walk up to the often empty top level overlooking campus and cry as much as you need. Whether you sit in your car or lean against the walls overlooking campus, you’ll find privacy there to release your emotions.



9. The Campus Lawn

Whenever the weather is warm you’re bound to see people sitting beneath trees or on benches or picnic tables across the grassy areas on campus. Feel free to sit in the shade and let it out some tears. If you’re feeling too exposed to people passing by, just put on some sunglasses to cover those watery eyes!



10. The Gazebo

This is a spot just off some of the main walkways to campus buildings and it offers a little seclusion from others walking by. Just take a seat facing away from the sidewalk and no one will know who you are as you let the waterworks flow.

As fun as college is, it can be a stressful time. We all know the stresses midterms, projects and finals can bring. Not to mention the pressures of trying to maintain grades, a social life, a healthy diet, friendships, etc.! As each semester progresses, don’t be embarrassed to find a place to let the waterworks out when you just can’t anymore!

Where are your favorite places to cry at UW La Crosse? Share in the comments below!
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