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Best Healthy Nuts To Lose Weight

Best Healthy Nuts To Lose Weight

Your physical health is undoubtedly an extremely important part of everyone’s lifestyle. Eating the right and healthy foods should be what we strive to do to the best of our abilities.  No matter whether you are trying to lose weight, or just want to eat healthily, it is best to know these things before you eat. The topic of nuts is no different.

They taste great, generally, do not have too many calories, and are overall a really good snack.  However, it can be difficult knowing just which nuts are the healthiest for you. Some nuts even help with your weight loss! With that being said, here are the best healthy nuts to lose weight!

Walnuts – 182 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

Walnuts are the first nuts on our healthy nuts list, and for great reason! They are very popular, but not the most popular nuts out there. However, walnuts are completely soaked with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and are very helpful when it comes to weight loss!

For starters, they are very filling for only being 182 cals per serving! Walnuts are one of the better tasting nuts out there, so just be careful not to overeat them!


When it comes to health, walnuts are king. They are famous for containing vast amounts of healthy fats (fatty acids) and help to improve the strength of the heart. This not only helps with increasing your endurance (which leads to more weight loss), but reduces the risks of heart disease!

Walnuts also help regulate your cholesterol levels, meaning you will not add as much weight eating too many eggs for example as you would if you did not have any walnuts. They are a must-have!

Best Healthy Nuts To Lose Weight


Almond – 161 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

Almonds are up there when it comes to popularity within the nut industry. They taste great, feel great, and overall are just great! An entire serving is only 161 calories, but makes you feel full (just like walnuts)!

Almonds are known to help regulate your blood pressure, especially if you are on a weight loss journey. It can lower your blood pressure if your body is on the heavier side.

Furthermore, eating almonds can help maintain the rise of blood sugar levels during meals, especially if you have diabetes or any other sugar-related illnesses.

I highly recommend them if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, or if you are trying to lose any amount of weight!


Pecans – 193 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

When you usually think of pecans, they are mostly used as a part of a delicious dessert, as they taste amazing! However, they have several health benefits if you want to eat them on their own as well!

Pecans contain a lot of fiber and can help lower your bad cholesterol levels in your body. Taking them regularly will make you a healthier person, and increase your stamina (allowing you to lose weight through exercise much faster)!

Cashews – 155 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

Cashews are one of the most popular nuts out there, and they have that unique crunchy salty taste to them! If you are not careful, you can easily overeat them, as cashews taste amazing.

Studies show that regularly taking cashews increases the good cholesterol levels in your body!


Cashews are rich in protein and are known for helping improve blood pressure levels with people suffering from certain illnesses (such as metabolic syndrome). It helps improve your metabolism, allowing you to carry on more physical exercise and burn more weight during your resting period. Just make sure you take them in moderation. No matter how healthy something is, if you abuse the food, it will become unhealthy!

Best Healthy Nuts To Lose Weight

Peanut – 176 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

Peanuts are undoubtedly the household name when it comes to nuts. Everyone eats it, and you find them in almost any type of food, and for very good reason! They not only taste good but are very healthy and come with many health benefits! They are the only nuts on the list that do not come from trees but are instead legumes (closely related to seeds).

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Peanuts are rich in Vitamin E, and help improve your immune system. They also improve your heart strength, reducing your susceptibility to heart disease! Peanuts also help regulate your blood sugar levels, reducing your chances of having diabetes.

Overall, peanuts help with your health in several ways, making them a must-eat for anyone who wants to live a healthy and disease-free lifestyle! Just make sure you eat them in moderation, as, similar to the cashews, peanuts are extremely easy to overeat!


Hazelnut – 176 Calories Per Serving (28 grams)

You might know of hazelnuts first from Nutella and other chocolate spread brands. However, hazelnuts are extremely nutritious on their own as well!

Hazelnuts help lower your bad cholesterol and help lower symptoms of internal inflammation.

They are also very rich in protein, Vitamin E and magnesium, which help to improve your heart strength and lower your risk of heart disease. They will create a noticeable increase in your stamina, and it will take longer for you to be tired from intense physical workouts. This will allow you to lose weight faster, and make your body stronger as a whole!

Keep in mind that it is advised to eat the hazelnuts on their own, or with other products that are not unhealthy. Eating Nutella all the time is not healthy, as it contains vast amounts of unhealthy fats which will hinder your weight loss progress!


Overall though, hazelnuts are a great option to eat to improve your staying power, and lose any amount of weight!

Best Healthy Nuts To Lose Weight

These are the best healthy nuts for weight loss! No matter which nuts you choose, they are all delicious, healthy, and great stomach-fillers! Let us know in the comments which nuts you plan on eating to help with your health and fitness!

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