10 Benefits Of Using Honey In Your Beauty Regimen

We all know the various uses of honey in our food products, it adds a rich flavor and acts as a delicious sweetener. However, honey is much more versatile than it may, at first, seem to be. It actually has a lot of uses that aren’t limited to food and drinks! Honey is pretty much a super food with all the uses it has. You can use it in tons of different ways that will really ramp up your beauty regiment and leave you wondering how you didn’t discover all these amazing uses for honey before! Check out the benefits of using honey below!

1. Homemade pore cleanser

Just like using a normal store-bought face cream, clean your face and apply either just raw honey or you can mix the honey with one or two spoons of coconut (or olive) oil! Leave it on for a good 15 minutes before you rinse. The honey will help even your complexion and the stickiness assists in stripping out the nastiness in your pores.

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

2. Condition and strengthen your hair

Believe it or not, honey can work to strengthen your hair (not to mention conditioning it like it never has been conditioned before). Either mix the honey in with some oil or just mix it straight in with your shampoo. Don’t freak out about putting honey on your hair like I did, though. With the oil and/or shampoo that dilutes it, you’ll hardly be able to tell a difference between that and your normal hair care regimen. Just make sure when you go to rinse the honey mixture that you’re using hot water to ensure that all the stickiness is melted out! You’ll be amazed at how soft your hair is when it dries.

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

3. Soothe the sunburn

One use for honey that might come across as a bit surprising is its effective ability at helping soothe your sunburn. Don’t just go out and lather raw honey straight on your burns, though. Mix any amount of honey with twice the amount of aloe vera. The aloe works to soothe the burn while the honey provides active antimicrobial healing!

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

4. Hydrate your nails for an at-home mani/pedi

Moisturize your cuticles and strengthen your nails by soaking them in a honey, apple cider vinegar, and oil treatment. Rub all the mixture in, let the nails soak, then dip them into some warm water for the best effect!

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

5. Fight back against the dreaded winter dry skin

No one is excluded from the pain and irritation that comes with exceedingly dry skin in the winter. Using honey on your skin is a pretty good way to help protect against this! A lot of lotions are horrendously short-lived in their soothing properties, but honey often has a more long-lasting effect. Create your honey, lemon juice, and olive oil mixture and lather it over the areas that get affected the worst. Rinse after 10-20 minutes and your skin will be much more hydrated!

6. Work to fade some of your more unsightly scars

There are the scars we don’t really mind, and then there might be some scars that we just hate being reminded of. Honey can act as a natural lightener over time. As normal, you can mix some honey with oil and apply it to the scarred area, then put a damp, warm paper towel over it until it’s cool. Rinse and repeat as often as you will! This is one of the most crucial benefits of using honey.

7. Add some extra hydration to your moisturizer

So you don’t have to worry about large amounts of honey making your entire body sticky, just add a couple drops to your favorite bottle of moisturizer and shake it really well so the honey is perfectly incorporated.

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

8. Acne and other facial blemishes, BE GONE

As has been mentioned, honey is an antimicrobial substance, which makes it a perfect spot treatment for acne or any other facial blemishes. Not to mention it can help ease some of the redness that the acne might be causing. You don’t even have to worry about mixing anything together, just blot some raw honey on any affected spots and let it sit until its dry. Then, rinse it off and repeat the next day or as often as you feel like it! This is one of the best benefits of using honey.

9. Get some natural highlights

It’s hard for some of us to trust the chemicals that salons use when highlighting. If you’re looking for a more subtle, natural, and healthy way to highlight your hair, honey is definitely your answer. Mix honey with some lemon juice and water, brush it over your hair, and let it sit for about one to two hours (or overnight if you have something to protect your hair).

Check out these great benefits of using honey.

10. A more natural lip balm

Chapstick is great, but using honey as a lip balm can really make you re-think your lip care experience. Mix honey with some coconut oil and beeswax (and maybe even some finely ground almonds for an exfoliating balm), and if you really want to go all the way, put the final product in a Chapstick-like tube so you can use it all the way up! This is yet another one of the benefits of using honey.

Which of these benefits of using honey are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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