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10 Things Fit Girls Do Every Single Day

10 Things Fit Girls Do Every Single Day


Staying fit doesn’t just mean you kill yourself at the gym every morning. While many fit girls believe that daily trips to the gym are essential, it is more about how you choose to spend your days and what you EAT! I have never been perfectly fit and probably never will be in my life. We are all built differently and carry different genetics. But, these are 10 things fit girls do everyday to feel their best!

1. They Drink Water

When you live a busy life it can be easy to forget to drink the one thing your body absolutely needs. Seems silly, right? Even when you do remember, most people just hate to drink water. I guess the good news is Americans are starting to realize how bad sodas are for your health. This explains why Coca-Cola has invested in healthier options such as Smart Water, Dasani and Vitamin Water.

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2. They Drink Fancy Drinks Too

While water is hands down the best thing for you, fitness girls are in love with juices and smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables to give them the essential nutrients that water can’t. Though if you are a big juice fan, I would advise making your own homemade drink so you are conscious of the ingredients. Pre-made juices tend to have more sugar than they do nutrients.

Another popular drink is Kombucha, a fermented, raw fizzy probiotic tea that has around 15 calories in a single serving. The fermentation process allows the essential and health promoting nutrients to flow through your body, enhancing your energy and well-being. My personal favorite brand of Kombucha is Holy Kombucha. It is locally brewed where I live (DFW, TX) and the company gives money to families to transform their lives from harm to harmony. I drink one bottle a day usually during lunch. It is my favorite afternoon refreshing energy booster!

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3. They Spend Time With Mother Nature

Where ever you live, it is necessary to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight at least once a day. Staying cooped up inside all day isn’t healthy. Not to mention your body needs Vitamin D from the sunlight. This vitamin keeps your bones healthy by absorbing calcium, and it plays a major role in maintaining a strong immune system and in brain development.

It is important that you don’t get too much sun exposure. According to Doctor Oz: “most people only need five to thirty minutes of sun exposure twice a week.”.  Protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen daily is very important. The more exposure your skin has to the sun, the faster it will age.

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4. They Use Exercise As A Stress Reliever

Most people deal with stress or anxiety daily, especially when you are a full-time college student. There are many ways to relieve stress, but exercising is the most recommend by health professionals. Walking, running and yoga are the preferred strategies. It is important to get at least get 30 minutes of exercise a day whether you go hard at the gym, go on nice walk or run, or just stay active throughout the day. Exercise is the best way to blow off steam because you are improving your physical condition while stabilizing your mood and maintaining your mental fitness.

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5. They Don’t Give Into Boredom Eating

We all are victims of the afternoon binge. I know I am. Your bored in your house and you’ve just had lunch a few hours ago, and suddenly you find your hand in the chip bag. The real question is why do we give in to this nasty habit? And why do we find ourselves eating more junk than healthier food? There is  a scientific answer. It all comes down to dopamine which is the chemical our brain produces that is strongly tied with feelings of reward and pleasure. When you eat and you are enjoying the food, dopamine is produced. But, that spike of true satisfaction that we deeply desire, especially when we are bored, isn’t produced by just eating anything. It’s that delicious donut, candy bar, or salty flavorful bag of chips that gives us that dopamine spike we crave.


So, how can we resist the urge to eat out of boredom? First, get rid of the junk food. Eating too much of these foods can really affect your brain chemistry, not to mention your weight. Second, find new activities and hobbies when you’re bored that don’t involve eating. Thirdly, find a new routine to add variety to your day so your brain will have multiple sources of stimulation.

Maybe you eat dinner in a different room or exercise in a new place to steer your brain away from an old routine. Other things to substitute for food when you are bored are drinking water which makes you feel  full, and chewing gum between meals. Overall, if you stay busy your mind will not assume hunger, and if you do find yourself boredom eating lean towards healthier options with protein that will make you feel full.

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6. They Go For The Healthier Option

So you may be wondering, what do these perfect fit girls eat? Some barely eat at all, and others eat the foods that are packed with the vitamins and nutrients our body needs (which is the right way to eat). In college, it isn’t always easy to find the healthiest option, and it’s usually easier and quicker just to grab a quick slice of pizza.

Of course, if you eat more protein, vegetables and fruits your body will feel better and be stronger mentally and physically. So, what exactly are the magical foods? Well there is a lot to choose from.

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The Magical Foods

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics and protein and it makes a great substitute for mayonnaise, cream cheese, and sour cream. I love eating it for breakfast in the morning with berries and a little vanilla extract, and a pinch of sugar it fills me up until lunch!

Next is quinoa. This superfood is one of the only grains or seeds that provides all nine amino acids our body needs, but can’t produce. I love eating quinoa pasta or rice and now I actually prefer it over normal white pasta.

Many fruits contain the essential nutrients, but blueberries are the superfood. These tiny berries contain fiber, vitamin C, and cancer fighting compounds. Not to mention their refreshing taste even while mixed with other things.


Kale! This really is a magical food packed with more antioxidants than most other fruits or veggies. My favorite way to eat kale is baked to a crisp in the oven with seasoning or as a chip!

Another magical food is chia! It is loaded with the most essential fatty acids of any known plant. It contains magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. I enjoy the fresh chia seed juices!

Ginger is a personal favorite of mine. It is the perfect natural spice and it cures an upset stomach! I could go on forever, but the last one I’m going to list is Green Tea! This is an amazing natural medicine. It has been used for cancer treatment because it slows irregular cell growth. I love enjoying the tea iced mixed with lemonade or hot. In conclusion, incorporating these magical foods into your diet will make you feel healthier and strengthen your body and mind.


7. They Ensure That They Are Getting Their Beauty Sleep

Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night may be the best thing you can do for your body. Your body and mind will function better overall. Weight gain comes from not sleeping because your hormones that regulate your hunger are altering.

Another important reason to get sleep is because the growth hormone is produced during deep sleep. There are many different theories about growth, but most believe that we grow the most in our sleep. I’m not saying if you don’t sleep you don’t grow, but that sleep is crucial for healthy development and growth.

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Thirdly, night terrors are often made worse by lack of sleep. So, you see how sleep can affect your health, diet and overall mood. Not to state the obvious, but if you’re tired you won’t want to exercise or eat right. So, to conclude, without sleep it is impossible to be healthy and fit!

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8. They Track Their Movement

With all the devices that track your steps, how long you sleep, how long you stand, how many calories you burn and so on, it is easier to be motivated to reach your daily goal. If you wear a Fit Bit, Apple Watch or any other step tracking device it will constantly be reminding you to move! While these new inventions are great, they are still lacking calorie and food count. Though the Apple Watch is not designed to be a weight loss tool, people are completely unaware of their diet data giving people “a little bit of a false sense of confidence”. I am not degrading this wonderful product I own one myself and I wear it every day and love using it when I work out. I do wish I could get my calorie intake along with my physical data.


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9. They Don’t Down The Booze

Alcohol plays a major factor in weight gain, especially for college kids. There are many scary things that can happen from drinking too much and weight gain is not the top concern. You can get severe alcohol poisoning, have liver failure, and it may even stop your heart. It is important especially in college to know how to socially drink and pace yourself.

One helpful way that will lessen the intensity of your hangover the next morning and make your night easy is having a glass of water in between drinks. This way you are re-hydrating your body and it gives your body time to process the previous drink.


Another helpful way to keep track of your drinks is learning not to drink out of a straw. Your drinks will start hitting you a lot faster than they should because your finishing them a lot faster than you should be.

 So, back to the concern of weight gain and alcohol. When drinking, you’re not thinking about what you’re eating. Most foods at parties are chips, candies, or maybe even a greasy pizza. Even if you don’t eat these foods at the party, most likely you will crave these fatty foods during your hangover. Ultimately, not only do the drinks have a lot of sugars and calories, so does the fatty greasy food you crave while you are drinking.

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10. They Surround Themselves With Positive Vibes

Happy, fit people choose to surround themselves with caring, uplifting people that enhance their life. Surrounding yourself with negative people who don’t have a positive outlook on life will bring you down and may jeopardize your other relationships. Fit people aren’t just physically fit, they are mentally fit and have positive outlook on life. They care for others and their environment and strive to make each of their day’s count.

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Being fit is a broad term and most of us forget that it doesn’t just mean being the rock star of the gym. Fit girls choose to live a healthy, positive life. I hope this article will inspire people to choose a healthy lifestyle. As well as create awareness that there is no “perfect” body. Having an overall healthy lifestyle is being fit! Doing these 10 things will improve your lifestyle and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Do you have anything to add to the list of things fit girls do every single day!? Share in the comments below!


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