Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

There’s nothing more exciting than re-vamping your room! The simplest changes can make a big difference in how your space feels.

You have to check out these spectacular bedroom DIYs that will transform your room!

1. Plant Pots

Plants bring life and fresh air into your room. We’ve found that DIYing your own plant pots can be a fun personalizing activity that creates a gorgeous home for your new plant that matches the color scheme of your room!


Step one is to choose a blank pot that is the correct size for your plant. We adore small pots that you can put in your windowsill. 

Next, use acrylic paint to create a design on your pot. This could be a solid color or a pattern. Your only limit is your imagination! We recommend using a clear acrylic coating spray to seal in your paint so it doesn’t chip over time. 

After your pot is completely dry you can fill it with soil, add your plant, and voila! Now you have a place to keep your plant that is completely unique because you created it!


Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

2. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are a supremely fun addition to a bedroom! We like to just paint one wall to create a unique accent wall. 

This DIY is a big change but is actually very simple! All you have to do is choose a wall and paint it with chalkboard paint. 


Once it’s dry, you can draw whatever you like on it with colorful chalk! Some fun ideas are inspiring quotes, patterns, or floral designs. 

Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

3. Festive Garland

We love to create small strands of garland to hang above our beds! While you can create a garland that you keep up year-round, we like to switch ours out depending on the holiday!

Garland is so simple and easy to make. All you really need is string, glue, and construction paper. The actual garland can be made out of whatever material you like and be of whatever you like. 

For fall, cut out some leaves in red, orange, and yellow and attach them to string. For winter you could do snowflakes. For summer and spring, you can do flowers. The possibilities are endless as long as you can adhere your design to a string!

Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

4. Furniture Make-Over

Changing the color of your furniture can really change how your room looks. While it may seem hard, it’s actually quite easy to do so. 

If your furniture is already finished, we recommend using paint or stain stripper. After this, sand your furniture. This will help the new paint or stain stick. 

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Next, you can paint or stain your furniture a new color. Try going in the opposite direction you had before. This means if you had white furniture, maybe go for a dark stain and vice versa. 

You don’t just have to do one solid color, either. Many kids dream of painting their furniture but aren’t allowed by their parents. Now that you’re older, you’re free to design whatever you want on your furniture so go to town! If you mess up, it’s very easy to paint over and try again. 

Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

5. Throw Pillow

Changing out the throw pillows on your bed is a great way to re-vamp your room. Creating a throw pillow is actually really fun.

You’ll need fabric and stuffing. You’ll also need a sewing machine, needle and thread, or a hot glue gun to secure the pillow together. 

Choose your pillow size and fold your fabric in half inside out. Secure three out of four sides of your pillow. This can be done on a sewing machine, or by hand. You can use hot glue, but it’s not a long lasting as either two sewing methods. 

Next, turn your pillow right side out and fill it with stuffing. Now, fold the edges inward and seal the final side. There you have it! A fun homemade pillow! This DIY is great because you get to choose the perfect fabric for your rooms new look.

Bedroom DIYs To Re-Vamp Your Room

Are you ready to totally re-vamp your bedroom? Comment down below the one you want to try the most!

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