The Perfect Fitness Plan For Busy Students

If you're a college student and don't have much time for exercise, this quick and effective fitness plan and diet guideline will help you stay in shape!

Between continual studying, socializing, and a few too many university society free pizza nights (your claim of being incredibly interested in coin collecting wasn’t fooling anyone), it’s all too easy to let yourself slip, and all of a sudden wake up to realise you’ve gone from Chris Hemsworth to Peter Griffin. But there’s no need to stress (or stress-eat), because this fitness plan will bring your drool-worthy body back in no time.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He’s gorgeous.

The program is simple. It’s designed to make you lose fat and build a bit of “toning up” muscle around your whole frame. It’s designed to be suitable for both guys and girls You’ll simply repeat the exercises below every day, with one rest day per week (probably sunday, for obvious reasons). This requires no equipment, just a floor and maybe a mat. Do these exercises circuit style (move from one exercise directly to the other) work hard, keep your heart rate up, and don’t skip anything.  Do some light stretching before and after.

The Workout

5 rounds Of:

20 Jumping jacks

10 seconds rest.

10 Pushups

25 seconds rest.

12 Burpees

10 seconds rest.

Bicycle Kicks: 30 seconds

Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds

2 minutes rest.

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The Diet

I’m not naïve. You never know when chocolate goes on special or when a surprise happy-hour will rear its head. That’s why these are guidelines, and not a prescription. We’re not training for the Mr. Olympia Competition here.

1) Keep simple carbs low.

Avoid snacking on simple sugars like sweets or soft drinks. These are a double hit on fat stores because they’re high calorie and high GI (glycemic index). Your body likes to store these as fat. Opt for lower GI options instead like nuts.

2) Drink water and avoid sodium.

Your skin, muscles and overall body composition glow when you’re properly hydrated. Excessive amounts of sodium will cause bloat and puffiness.

3) Fill your plates with vegetables.

Vegetables will fill you up and will keep you from moving to higher calorie foods. They’re lower in calories, meaning you can eat more, giving you that “full” feeling.

The benefits of these different color vegetables are amazing!

You will amaze yourself at how far a simple fitness plan like this can take you if you’re diligent about it. It’s time to get that body into its rightful shape. See you in 3 weeks, hot stuff. 
What’s your fitness plan? Let us know in the comments!
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