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How To Easily Have A High Fruit Diet

How To Easily Have A High Fruit Diet

If you're looking to incorporate more fruit into your diet, here's how to have a high fruit diet plan that can be implemented into your daily routine!

Fruit is nutritious and delicious, but sometimes we just don’t get enough of it! This article will help you find ways to have a high fruit diet that allows you to have that five servings you need daily!

1. Add It To Your Cereal

You can cut up bananas, strawberries or just any fruit of your choice and add it on top of your favorite cereal to elevate the taste. Not only will it be delicious, but you’re getting the nutrients needed without even realising!

2. Smoothies!

Make smoothies out of your favorite fruits. It’s delicious, nutritious and you can carry it on the go!


3. Fruit Bowls!

Clear your pantry of the cookies and chocolate and instead have bowls of fruit which you can easily grab on the go.

4. Fruit Dessert!

Now, who doesn’t love dessert? If you’re an ice cream lover like me why not try this recipe on how to make ice cream using frozen bananas? Definitely one of the best ways to have a high fruit diet!

5. Cut Your Fruit!

Cut your fruit right after you buy it! How many times have we just let fruits go bad because we were too lazy to cut it? Well, not anymore. If you cut up all the fruit you’ve bought when you come home from the grocery store, it saves you the trouble of having to do it later on. Store the fruit in containers in the fridge and voila! You have a fruit salad for whenever you want.

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6. Sneak It Into Your Lunch!

This tip is especially helpful if you’re an avid rice eater. Find ways to sneak fruit into your lunch. Pineapples work great with rice and works on top of pizza too. Cut up apples can also help to elevate the flavor of your rice dish and so do raisins. You can even try a peanut butter and apple sandwich or just use the peanut butter as a dip for your apple! The possibilities are endless

7. Fruit Popsicles!

Who doesn’t love popsicles? You can make your favorite treat from childhood in the comfort of your own home (and with less calories too) with this recipe. It’s a nutritious and fun treat for the whole family!


8. Fruit Juice!

If you’re not a fan of smoothies you can make juices out of your favorite fruits. Just add water, ice and loads of your favorite fruit(s) into the blender and make your own creation!

9. Find Alternatives!

If you love tarts, why not go for an apple tart instead of your usual chocolate order? Why not go for the pancakes with bananas instead of chocolate chip pancakes? Find alternatives of your favorite foods with fruits in them instead of without! Small choices like these help in the long run and your body is getting the nutrients it needs!

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10. Try The Weird Ones!

You know those weird fruits you see in grocery stores that just look too spiky and scary for you to eat? Or maybe a bit too furry? Well, be adventurous and try it. Make a game of it with your friends where you guys try weird fruits. The worst that can happen is you not liking it and who knows you may end up really loving the taste!

What do you think about having a high fruit diet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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