25 Dorm Room Decor Ideas To Copy Right Now

A dorm is a home away from home, so dorm room decor means a lot! These cute college dorm room ideas will help you get creative the next time you decorate!

A dorm room is a college student’s sanctuary. After a long day of being surrounded by friends, students, and roommates, your drained body wants to return to a room that is cozy and warm. One way to do that is to decorate your dorm room with style, making it a place that allows your mind to ease back and relax. Whether that style be boho, hippy, beachy, preppy, or straight up cozy – we’ve got all the dorm room decor you need for inspiration right here!

1) Simple And Elegant

If you’re in a small room with a roommate you may already feel cluttered enough.  However, if you want to fix that problem keep your dorm look simple with some classic color tones and a touch of decor’!

A simple look to dorm room decor! I love dorm room ideas!


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2) Bright And Boho

This boho dorm decor provides a bright space filled with cultural accents for you to snuggle up in. To achieve this look all you need is a tapestry, cute pillows, and a warm blanket!

This bright and boho dorm room decor is so cute! One of my favorite dorm room ideas!


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3) Preppy And Poised

If you aren’t feeling the boho vibes, then maybe preppy is the look for you! Add some monogrammed decor with some cute storage organizers, and you will for sure be looked at as a straight A student!


I love preppy dorm room decor like this! So many dorm room ideas!

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Honey Can Do Medium Canvas Storage Bin with Handles

4) Girly And Cozy

If you want a more relaxed girly look, then grab some fury pillows and cute wall art to complete your dorm decor! The motivational posters will keep you on top of things while the fluffy pillows will put you to sleep!

This girly and cozy dorm room decor is so cute!!

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5) Polka Dot To Perfection

These polka dot wall decals can really fill up empty wall space in your room. Not to mention, they wont leave any damage – aka, no fee at the end of the semester!

This dorm room decor is so cute! The polka dot decals make great dorm room ideas!

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6) Relaxed And Cozy

If going all out with decorations just isn’t your type of thing, then don’t worry, because this look is perfect for you. All that’s needed are pillows and pictures, and you can call it complete!

Relaxed dorm room decor like this is my favorite!

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7) Earthy And Inspired

Bring the outdoors in with this earthy dorm decor. Often times, dorm rooms can feel a bit stuffy, especially if you go to school in a city. So if you need a little inspo from whats outside your window, go print off those pictures and grab some plants!

Plants make for the best dorm room decor! They can totally change the look of your room!

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8) Mix And Match

If your roommate is up to it, it’s always fun to plan what dorm decor you want for the entire space. Not only does teaming up with your mate’ help you get to know them better, but it collectively helps your room feel much bigger as well!

 Matching dorm room decor is so cute! One of my fav dorm room ideas!

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9) Poised And Sophisticated

A cleaner look can help keep you focused on the task at hand, rather then being distracted by all the trinkets and pictures hung on the wall. Not to mention, it looks good! Just add a couple of cute pillows and some plants!

Simple and chic makes for such great dorm room decor!

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10) Good Vibes Only

The pillow says it all for this look. If you are really trying to bring a good vibe to your dorm decor, then I suggest adding some plants! They are proven to make you feel good, and the green adds a nice pop of color!

Plants bring such good vibes to dorm room decor!

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11) For My Wanderlust Girls

Looking to adventure across the world but are currently stuck in your dorm? No worries, we’ve got a look for that. The wanderlust look can inspire you to continue to strive towards those big traveling dream of yours, even when you’re cooped up in your dorm!

This is one of the cutest dorm room decor ideas for girls!

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12) Dim Vibes

Adding some lights to your dorm decor can really set a nice tone. Fairy lights provide the perfect amount of dim lighting, and make you feel right at home!

Uconn has it right with this dorm room decor idea! So cute!

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13) Hey There Hippies, We Didn’t Forget About You

Nothing screams college more then a tapestry does. This is such an easy and fun way to add some color to those bare white walls. Just pin or tape it up, and add some cute pillows!

Tapestry's make for the best dorm room decor!

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  Slide View: 2: Magical Thinking Avery Tassel Pillow

14) For The Dreamers

If you’re a college student with big dreams, then sleep has to be your best friend. Without a good nights rest your mind won’t take you to those dreamy places and, your grades may suffer as a result. This cozy and calm dorm room decor is perfect for you!

Comfortable and cozy dorm room decor is the best!

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15) String Lights And Photographs

The classic Polaroid has taken the college dorm room decor by storm. These photos are fun because they can be printed instantly! In addition, they make great decorations to add to your walls.

Every girl needs string lights in their dorm room decor!

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16) An African Oasis

If you like a more tribal style, then this dorm room decor is the perfect fit. Grab a tapestry with some cool prints and add some pillows to match! This is an easy way to bring your look altogether, and sets the tone for the perfect oasis!

This tribal dorm room decor is such a great dorm room idea!

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17) Add Some Indie To Your Prep

If you’re up for a little mix and match, then this preppy indie look may make more for some great dorm room decor inspo. A clean monogrammed style topped with some indie vibes is a unique way to set the tone.

A mixed and matched dorm room decor! So cute!

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18) Bright And White

I don’t know about you, but natural lighting is so important to me. So if you have a window that brings in some sun, take full advantage! But if not, then I suggest keeping your room light and airy like the one below. It can give the allusion of having more natural light then you actually do!

Bright and airy dorm room decor is the best!

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19) Beachy

The beach is a sanctuary for a lot of different people, including myself. Which is why I can understand if you want to implement the beach into your dorm room decor. This look is the perfect way to do that without too much overkill. A nice ocean tapestry with some beachy pillows is a simple way to get you out of the box.

Beachy dorm room decor will make you feel right at home!

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20) A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Whether your pictures are Polaroids, or plain pics of you and your friends, photo’s are an essential decor item to make you feel at home. Hang some pictures of your friends and family, and keep adding to the photo wall as you make more memories!

Pictures make for the best dorm room decor!

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21) Black And White

These two colors are one’s that will never go out of style. No matter how old you are, you will find black and white implemented into designs and colors wherever you go. So if you’re looking for a timeless look you can have for years, I suggest you go black and white!

Black and White will never go out of style for dorm room decor!

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22) Fury And Pink

I don’t think much of anything else can make you feel cozier then a bunch of fury pillows and the color pink (if you like the color).  Imagine snuggling up in this dorm room decor and watching a good Netflix movie? Nothing sounds more perfect!

Pink makes for great dorm room decor!

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23)  For My Basic Girls

Although this look says basic, it’s really innovative and cute. The wall art really ties it altogether, and the black and white color tone keeps it simple.

Simple and basic dorm room decor!

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24) Wild And Free

If you are someone who considers themselves to be “wild and free,” then this is fitting for you! The tapestry draws you in, with lots of pillows and comfortable bedding. The clothing rack also adds that free vibe.

Wild and free tapestry makes great dorm room decor!

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25) A Touch Of Warmth

The copper tones and light yellow and brown hues is what makes this look feel so inviting.  Add a plush rug and cloth headboard, and you will really be feeling cozy and comfortable!

I love these subtle warm tones. Such great dorm room decor!

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What type of dorm room decor do you go for? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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