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15 Things You Already Miss About Bond University

15 Things You Already Miss About Bond University


Having less than four weeks left at Bond, I can already imagine all of the things I will miss. While accelerated degrees are great, they certainly go fast and will leave you feeling like you want more. However, many great memories and friends have been made at my time here at Bond. Here are 10 things you already miss about Bond University.

1. Weekly parties

Don’s provides a good time most weeks, with weird themed parties. It’s a chance to relax after a week of classes and have a good time with your friends.

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2. Friends

Through classes, roommates and parties – you make so many unique friends at Bond that come from everywhere around the world. It’s definitely hard to part ways with these friends, however, they’re the kind of friends you’ll always be in touch with.


3. Uni schedules

Yes there’s classes and meetings, but generally these aren’t every day. Uni schedules are pretty relaxed and spaced out unlike full time work.

4. Free lunch

Good old Wednesday by the water, that free meal every week will be missed.

5. Bondstock

The biggest party of the year will certainly be missed. A launch party/music festival with a secret location where you will have the best and most unforgettable (and forgettable) week of the year. Sure, you can come back as a non-Bondie but you’ll have to pay that extra cut.


6. Ready-made meals

The bra is definitely handy. Some nights, it beats having to buy groceries and make a meal when the bra is so close to campus and you get to have another person make you dinner!

7. Holidays

Yes, Bond does not have long holidays, however they’re longer and more frequent than what you would have in a normal job. Breaks between semesters are always a great way to refuel and recover.


8. The sandstone

The beautiful arch and it’s surrounding buildings made from the precious sandstone. Bond really is a picturesque uni.

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9. Naps

Those in between class naps are essential to keep yourself going throughout the day. How will I fit a nap into a 30 minute lunch break?!


10. Getting involved in clubs

There’s such a diverse amount of clubs for everyone. Whether you were in the Bond University French Club,  Bond Entrepreneurship Collective, Bond Dance Club or a student association – you’ll miss getting involved in student life.

What will you miss about Bond University? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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