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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Melbourne University

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Melbourne University

Melbourne University is the essence of Australian life. With the diverse mix of culture, it's hard not to love the 10 Types Of People You'll Meet Here!

Melbourne University is the essence of Australian modern life. With the diverse mix of culture, it’s hard not to love the 10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Melbourne Univerisity. So here goes!

1. The Locals

With Melbourne University, you’ll find the true natives keeping the Australian culture alive. Amongst the array of other students, the locals are friendly, fun and always willing to help. They will introduce you to some interesting local slang with the Ozzie twang.

2. The Asain Community

Melbourne University has some of the most diverse cultures in the city. With international students from around the globe, there’s no shortage of cultural diversity. The Asain community are friendly, humble and always on the go. With the Chinatown at the hub of the city, you can immerse yourself in their rich culture. 


3. The Europeans

Students from Europe flood to Australia especially at this time of the year. Escaping the cold winter for a warm summer is everyone’s dream. At Melbourne University, it’s home to Germans, British and French alike. Europe makes up a significant population in Melbourne and at Melbourne University. They bring a twist of European greatness and have some great stories to tell.

4. The Sport Alumni

Like any university, you have the avid sporty people. Melbourne University host a vast array of sporting clubs: from almost every type of dance to footie league, tennis and a whole lot more. The sports Alumni are a great laugh and true team players.


5. The Surf Society

The cliche Australian type of person. Perhaps it’s such a stereotypical Ozzie activity, but the surfing society holds a significant amount of members. With fun surfing camps to pub crawls, it’s a great way to meet new friends and integrate with the Ozzie culture.

6. The Hardcore Study Students

With a tricky curriculum, the teachers don’t make it easy. The library is always buzzing with students keeping on top of their workload. With 3 modules and a compulsory language, there’s never a moment to sit back and watch the day pass. These students are focused and polite but with dedication and commitment. This is the most common type of student and almost everyone will fit into this category at some stage in their Melbourne University experience.


7. The Socialite

In Melbourne going for drinks can be expensive, but your socialite at the university knows the low-down. They can find cheap ways to hang out with friends and enjoy the long summer evenings. The socialites will normally start a conversation in class and make lots of friends. Melbourne University is a very sociable campus and there are always students deals on at the nearby bars.


8. The Instagrammer

These are normally international students. A friendly, well dressed and creative bunch. They look out for the good lighting and photogenic spots the wonderful cityscape. The typical Instagrammer at Melbourne University is great fun and has lots of pictures to capture their memories. Real creative inspo!

9. The Exchange Students

Melbourne University invites international exchange students (myself included) to enjoy the Ozzie lifestyle. The exchange students are mainly interested in traveling and exploring Australia and enthusiastic and finding out all there is to know about Australian life. Seizing every opportunity for an authentic experience, they too will have some cool stories.


10. The Presidents

The enthusiastic core, of Melbourne University. They are high achievers and club presidents. You see them wandering around university being helpful, approachable and kind. These are the students who keep the University moving. The glue that holds the student community as one.

What’s you Melbourne University experience been like? Comment below your interesting stories!

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