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The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time That Will Get You A Rock-Solid Stomach

The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time That Will Get You A Rock-Solid Stomach

Ever wanted abs but it seemed impossible? The ladies on the cover sports magazine look like gods. Their glistening abs are perfectly defined. Abs like these seem like a life long, professional dedication that so few can achieve. Or so I thought…

Here the best ab exercises of all time that I guarantee to make your stomach rock-solid.  And better yet, there’s no need to leave the house. That’s right, leave your gym card at home because one of the best things about these exercises is that they are all home friendly. You can be your own personal trainer!

And don’t worry if it seems hard to begin with. Your body is a machine! And it was adapt quickly. The more exercises you do (in your preferred time frame) the harder and strong your stomach is going to feel…

Here we go!

The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time That Will Get You A Rock-Solid Stomach

The Crunch

Lie on your back. Raise your knees so that they’re in a roughly 90 degree angle. You can either lay your arms and hands flat next to our body, or hold your hands begin your head. Make sure to tuck your chin into your chest, as this will avoid soreness in your neck. Now, feel the muscles in your stomach and crunch. Life your chest to your knees and fall back down again. Do this on repeat. If you’re just starting your journey to a rock solid stomach, then try and make it to ten crunches. It gonna hurt! But the more you repeat this exercise, the more crunches you’ll be able to do. Some people can pump out 100!

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The Plank

Everybody’s worst nightmare but a seriously effective exercise for abs. It has tremendous  benefits to your core strength. Planking is hard, there’s no doubt about it. But if you can, look at yourself in the mirror to ensure you’re doing it properly. Some of us can arch our backs too high or too low. You need a nice straight back. Remember to have your arms at a 90 degree angle and for your shoulders to be over your elbows. Try and harness all of your strength to the abdominal area (obviously, the area in we want to see changes.) To begin with, plank for 30 seconds tops. Then add another 30 seconds. Then another. You’ll be amazed how quickly your abs will develop and therefore how much easier planking will become!

The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time That Will Get You A Rock-Solid Stomach

The Leg Raise

The leg raise is nice. Your abs will feel amazing and so will your legs! Lie on your back, arms laying flat beside you and look up the sky. Your legs will start flat on the ground. Without lifting your lower back, using only your stomach muscles, lift your legs up so that your entire body makes a 90 degree angle. then slowly lower your legs back down. It might change about ten leg raises to feel your muscles working and then the pain may kick in. Take deep breaths and let you breathing help you. The leg raise doesn’t need to be done fast.

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Cross body punches

This one is great for anyone who’s had a rough day and needs an excuse to punch… air. You may feel sort of silly to begin with but after a few minutes you’ll definitely notice the effects. Standing up, spread your legs a little wide and bob up and down on your toes so that your agile. Don’t be afraid to move your entire body. We may be focusing on abs but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect other places too. Curl your hands into fists, hold both hands in front of your chest, and aim each hand diagonally across your body. Straighten your arm and retreat in a single punch. Do this as quickly as you can, using your legs and most importantly, your stomach to lurch forward, ensuring each cross body punch is strong.

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Step ups

Your abs will love you whenever you’re contracting your body together and releasing. So step ups are great because each step means you’re pushing your legs up toward your stomach and releasing. This constant contracting will feel amazing for your abs, (which by now should be coming along nicely.) If you’re going to do step ups, make sure you’re giving yourself a challenge. A little step, like the front door step, isn’t going to offer many benefits. The higher you have to push your body the better. You could use a sturdy chair, a bench in your garden or a low fence. Switch between your left and right legs, hands on hips and simply step as though your climbing stairs but remaining stationary. Eventually you’ll start to run out of breath and your muscle endurance will have to kick in. The best part about this ab exercise is that it can be done absolutely anywhere. You can do it while you watch tv or chatting with a friend!

The Best Ab Exercises Of All Time That Will Get You A Rock-Solid Stomach

There you have it! The best ab exercises of all time for a rock-solid stomach!

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