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20 Amazing Gifts For Supernatural Fans

20 Amazing Gifts For Supernatural Fans

Got a Supernatural die-hard fan in your life? Check out these 20 amazing gifts that are perfect for anyone obsessed with Supernatural!

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Check out these 20 gifts for Supernatural fans, all perfect for any Winchester lover!

1. Supernatural Coloring Book

This gift combines the fun of coloring with the charm of the Winchester brothers. What could be better?


This Supernatural coloring book is the perfect way to relieve stress with your favorite characters!

2. The Samulet

The Samulet is a protection charm and a symbol of brotherly affection. Give it to a friend who needs some looking after.

This samulet from Supernatural will definitely keep you protected.

3. Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the monsters of Supernatural.


This Supernatural book will totally teach you all about hunting!

4. Temporary Anti-Possession Tattoos

Keep yourself safe from being possessed by Crowley and his Hell posse. P.S. – the keyword is temporary!



5. Coffee Mug

Now you can drink your coffee in a mug that promotes Supernatural while watching Supernatural. These make perfect gifts for Supernatural fans who also happen to be coffee addicts!

6. Dean’s Fake FBI Badge

For those who want to take their Dean cosplay to the next level.


You can feel just like Dean from Supernatural with this FBI badge.

7. The Impala’s Prop License Plate

For those who love Baby.

This prop license plate will make you feel like you're right in Supernatural.


8. Saving Dean T-Shirt

For when you need to let people know your level of commitment to Dean Winchester.

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9. Action Figures

Have your favorite characters ever been so tiny and adorable? These are the cutest gifts for Supernatural fans!


10. Castiel Watercolor Poster

This poster shows off Castiel’s awesome wings.

This Supernatural painting is a beautiful image of Castiel.

11. Carry On Wayward Son Shirt

Dean would be proud of your support for classic rock.


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12. Angel Blade Necklace

Always stay prepared.

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This Supernatural necklace will definitely protect you!

13. Button Set

Rep your favorite show on your backpack, jacket, or anywhere pin-able. These cute little buttons are perfect gifts for supernatural fans who like showing off their fave show!


14. Sam & Dean Friendship Bracelets

Good luck deciding who gets to be which Winchester brother.

Give this to your best friend to share your love of Sam and Dean from Supernatural.

15. Collectible 1967 Impala

Now you can have your own Baby.

If you can't drive Baby from Supernatural, at least you can have a replica!

16. John Winchester’s Journal

Combine this gift with Bobby’s Guide to Hunting, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert hunter.


You'll be well on your way to becoming a great hunter with this Supernatural book.

17. Complete animated series.

For those who love Supernatural and anime.

This version of Supernatural is perfect for the fan and anime lover!

18. Moose & Squirrel Companion Ring Set

The perfect gift if your sibling or best friend also loves Supernatural.

These rings are perfect for you and your friend if you both love Supernatural.

19. Manchester Travel Cup

Great for traveling or everyday use.


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20. Team Free Will T-Shirt

For when you want to show your support for all the boys.

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pin-it-button20 amazing and cute gifts for Supernatural fans!Do you have any other good gifts for Supernatural fans? Share in the comments!

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