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22 Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers In Your Life

22 Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers In Your Life

Have a few cat lovers in your life? Need to get them a gift? Take a look at this fun list of 20 gift ideas for all of your cat obsessed friends!

Are you searching for gift ideas for cat lovers? There’s a pretty good chance you probably know one of the world’s crazy cat lovers. But what should you get them for the holidays (aside from an actual cat)? Here are 20 ideas to help you decide what to give the one with tons of furry friends.

1. LED Cat Light

One of the best gifts for cat lovers who can’t actually have a cat, but still needs one to light up their world!

2. Cat Jewelry Holder

For when their cats perpetually knock over everything they’ve ever owned, ever.


3. Cute Cat Socks

These cat socks are one of the cutest gifts for cat lovers, and best part they come in tons of different colors!

5 Pairs Women's Fun Socks Cute Cat Animals Funny Funky Novelty Cotton Gift (Cute Cat) Size: Free size 22.5-25.5cm Suitable for women US Size 5-8


4. The Catbutt Adult Coloring Book for Cat Lovers

One of the funniest gifts for cat lovers: have fun coloring this hilarious and irreverent coloring book full of cute cats & kittens presenting their butts.



5. Cat PJ Set

For when they need to be able to tell their significant other that their cat will forever come first. This is, by far, one of the comfiest gifts for cat lovers!

6. Late for the Sky Cat-Opoly

Cat lovers won’t be able to resist this awesome board game: Buy your favorite cats then collect Litter Boxes and trade them in for Fish Bones.



7. Cat Post-It Dispenser

So all the cat lovers can think about their favorite furry friends at the office!


8. Cat Measuring Spoons

For the cat lovers who need cat-themed tools while baking cat-themed goods.

9. Cat Pin

Just one more – or maybe the first – pin for their collection!


10. Men & Cats By Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud

For the cat lovers that also love books and sexy guys.


11. Cat Bank

The best place to keep all that pocket change they’ve been saving.

12. Cat Onesie

When a onesie and a cat obsession combine into one glorious item of sleepwear.

13. Cat Lady Candle

To help them prepare their homes for the permanent cat lady smell that will soon perpetually exist.


14. Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

The perfect gift for when cat measuring cups just aren’t enough.


15. Cat Mug

The one mug cat lovers won’t complain about having to wash. A super useful gift for cat lovers.

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16. Cat Wall Art

Perfect for the cat lover who also needs to plaster their walls with their favorite pets.


17. Cat Sign

For the ones who want to silently proclaim their love for cats.

18. Cat Desk Plaque

The best way for cat lovers to show their boss who’s boss. Hint: The boss meows.


19. Cat Mother T Shirt

Yet another way for cat lovers to showcase the love for their furry children.

20. Cat T-Shirt

For that friend who isn’t in love with cats but thinks wearing them around is cool. This is also obviously perfect for the friend who IS in love with cats. Cat adorned shirts are always great gifts for cat lovers!


21. Cat Phone Case

For the cat lover who wants to always be reminded of their cat when they’re undoubtedly texting people about their cat.

22. Cat Rolling Pin

For the friend who loves to eat, but only when the food has cats engraved into it.


Do you have any other gift ideas for cat lovers in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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22 Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers