A New Bachelor Spin Off Series Is Coming This Summer

For those who are not satisfied with the amount of The Bachelor and its current spinoffs that already exist, the creators are giving you even more. The Proposal will be hitting television screens this summer. Here is everything you need to know about the new Bachelor spin off series.

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Weekly episodes

Each week, the one-hour show will be aired on ABC. If you miss an episode or two while having fun this summer, have no fear. The episodes will be available for streaming as well as on demand. The show will not be hosted by “Bachelor Nation dad” Chris Harrison. However, the show will be hosted by former NFL quarterback and season five Bachelor alum Jesse Palmer, so, fear not,  it will be in good hands.

The show was created by Mike Fleiss, who created The Bachelor. The show features ten new contestants each week who are working to attract a potential suitor or suitress. The “contest” is in the style of a pageant. After each round, contestants who do not attract the mystery person are weaned out.

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The rounds

The contest rounds include a first impressions round, a beachwear round, where contestants dress in their best beach attire to attract the mystery person, and a Q&A round where the mystery person asked a series of romantic questions to woo the person.

In the final round, the contestants who remain meet the suitor’s (or suitress’) closest family members to make sure those remaining are a good match and have compatibility with the family. The person will then choose who they will propose to and will hopefully receive a “yes.”

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Aside from the spinoff, there will also be Bachelor in Paradise, which will not conflict with the scheduling of the spinoff. The premiere date has yet to be announced. Mike Fleiss will produce the show, along with Martin Hilton, James Breen, and Jason Ehrlich.

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