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20 Things That Matter More Than Having A Perfect GPA

20 Things That Matter More Than Having A Perfect GPA

It can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting a perfect GPA. While having a good GPA is important, having a perfect GPA is not necessary.

Whether you have finished your semester and are waiting for grades or are amidst the finals and projects season, it can be overwhelming to think about everything you have to get done. It can also be easy to fall into the trap of wanting a perfect GPA. While having a good GPA is important, having a perfect GPA is not necessary.

1. Mental health

While it is good to push yourself to be a better student, straining yourself for the perfect GPA is not worth sacrificing your mental health for. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to anxiety and/or panic attacks.

2. Physical health

Studying is good, but if you spend all of your time studying, you often neglect physical health. Take time to work out regularly and eat nutritious meals.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

3. Family

If you live away from your family while at school, you do not see your family enough as is. If you are so focused on perfecting your GPA, you may be losing out on time contacting family members.

4. Friends

Spending time with your college friends as well as those back home is important. These people are here to support you and you need to support them as well.

5. Job experience

Gaining real-world experience is more impressive on a resume than a GPA. Whether it is a part-time job or a field-related internship, this experience is critical.

6. Memories

If you spend your time studying, you miss out on the college experience. Go to a diner with your roommates at two in the morning and attend campus events.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

7. Connections with classmates and professors

These are people with connections in your field and who will be coworkers or even bosses someday. Establish these connections by spending time with them.

8. The lessons you have learned

If you do not do as well in a class as you would have hoped, take to heart the lessons you learned. Did you manage your time wrong? Did you over-compensate on some aspect? Learn from this and move on.

9. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Did you push yourself to take a personal finance class as an English major and were successful? Knowing what you are and are not good at is super important and can help you in job interviews.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

10. Self-care

Taking care of you is important. Take a hot shower or treat yourself to ice cream. Your grades will suffer in the end if you do not take care of yourself first.

11. Your character

Your GPA does not make you a bad or good person. I repeat. Your GPA does not make you a bad or good person. Take steps to be the best version of you outside of your grades.

12. Your perseverance

Being able to persevere through difficult circumstances does not get reflected in your GPA. If you are struggling this semester due to a difficult class or a personal situation, your GPA will not reflect this.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

13. Learning new skills

Learning new things is essential to staying relevant in the job market. If you took a class to learn something out of your usual subject area and are struggling, you can take pride in knowing that you worked hard and expanded your horizons.

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14. Paying for living expenses

Living expenses, like rent and food, can be expensive. Get a part-time job on or off campus to help bring in some money.

15. Reading the news

Being informed in the world around you is important for being able to hold conversations. Look at a variety of news sites and TV stations to get information from a variety of sources.

16. Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal can help you clear your mind and help you focus on important things. This can also help you express your emotions better.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

17. Applying what you learn in the classroom to the real world

It is one thing to be able to learn theories and skills in the classroom. However, the classroom is a controlled setting and being in the real world is completely different.

18. A portfolio

Being able to present potential employers with a portfolio of professional work is important. No, a portfolio of only work produced in class does not count, even if it is high quality.

19. Being able to give and receive constructive feedback

If you have been maintaining a perfect GPA your entire college career, you likely have received mostly positive feedback. However, sometimes you need experience learning how to take criticism since not everyone will like your work.

20. Being a wise person

Your grades and GPA do not accurately measure how intelligent you are for the most part. They do not measure how you can navigate a city or apply your skills to a variety of situations.

Having a perfect GPA isn't everything.

What are some things that you think are more important than having a perfect GPA? Let us know in the comments below!
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