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15 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

15 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks


1. Turn eyeshadow into lip gloss

If you ever have any spare eyeshadows that you don’t use on your eyelids anymore, you can actually create lip glosses from them. All you need to do is crush up your eyeshadow and mix it with either clear lip balm, essential oils, or petroleum jelly. Apply to your lips and you’ve got instant lip color!

2. Blow dry your eyelash curler

Does your eyelash curler never seem to do its job? Take out your blow dryer and heat up the tip of your eyelash curler with hot air. After about 15 seconds, touch the curler with your fingertips to make sure it isn’t too hot. Then, use your eyelash curler as you normally would, and voila!


3. Control your flyaways

Mini flyaways near your part or by the edge of your face can sometimes be a problem. To quickly tame them, take out a clear lip balm and run it in the direction you want the “baby hairs” to go. Lotion works too.


4. Apply mascara perfectly

For those of us that can’t for once apply mascara without getting it onto our eyelids, there’s a solution. All you need is some sort of backdrop to catch the remnants. I would recommend using either a spoon or note card. Just hold your item behind your lashes with your free hand and apply the mascara like you normal would.

5. Smudge free lipstick

Any woman who uses lipstick knows the struggle of applying it just right, without having it smudge all over her teeth. One way to prevent this is to use a tissue. Fold the tissue in half, and in half again. Then, open your mouth and put the tissue between your lips. Take the tissue out, and this should take off the excess lipstick.


6. Efficiently fix makeup blunders

A huge mistake that I see a lot of my friends make when they’re applying makeup is that when they mess up they SMUDGE and SMUDGE until the mark is somewhat gone. For a quick fix to makeup blunders, dab a tiny bit of lotion, and pinch it off or blot away with a Q-tip. I know this sounds weird, but it’s the most efficient way to get the makeup off without using any sort of makeup remover.


7. The right way to apply under eye concealer

When applying under eye concealer, don’t apply it in a banana shape. Instead, aim for an upside down triangle. When you’ve applied enough, use your ring finger to gently blend the product in.

8. Use mascara as eyeliner

Fear not if you’ve run out of eyeliner. You can actually use mascara as a substitute! Just whip out that liner brush, dip it onto the tip of your mascara wand, and go on with your day.


9. Make your lipstick last

Here’s a tip to make your lipstick stay on longer. Take out a one-ply tissue (if you have two-ply just separate the front from the back) and hold it over your lips. Then, take a makeup brush and apply a white powder over the tissue.


10. Perfect the winged eye

If you struggle with creating the perfect winged liner, no worries. Just use a pencil liner to outline the shape you want before you trace it over with liquid/gel liner.

11. Plump your pout

Want plumper lips? Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss. Don’t worry if it tingles a little bit when applied!


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12. The easiest way to create waves

Use a straighter over sectioned braids for cute, loose waves.


13. Mess free nails

Use Elmer’s glue around your fingernails before you paint them. Then, when you’re finished painting them and the glue has dried, just peel off the glue for perfect nails.


14. Fake longer lashes

For seemingly longer eyelashes, dust some baby powder over the tips of your eyelashes between coats of mascara.

15. Dry nails faster than ever

To dry your nail polish more quickly, you have several options. You can dip your nails in ice water, stick them in the freezer for a bit, blow dry them, or spray them with cooking spray.


15 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

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