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Incredible Eyebrow Shapes You Must Try

Incredible Eyebrow Shapes You Must Try

Eyebrow trends come and go as quickly as any trend. Eyebrows are irreplaceable, it’s as simple as that! They help to highlight the face and accentuate the eye. While everyone has their own unique eyebrow shape, we will tweeze, wax, and pluck until they fit the shape we desire. 

The shape of our eyebrows should highlight our natural face shape and compliment our eyebrow type; thin, thick, soft, coarse. 

To determine your face shape and the ideal eyebrow, pull all of your hair back from your face and take a close look in the mirror. 


Oval Face

An Oval face shape is considered the ideal face shape because the eyebrow does not affect how oval the face looks. An oval face has a wider forehead than the chin with prominent cheekbones. The face then slightly tapers to a narrower chin. If you have an oval face, a soft angled eyebrow shape should be desired. This shape is angled straight up and then begins to gently curve at the top and angle back down. 

Long Face

A Long Face has consistent unison between the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The width of the face tapers into a thinner chin line. To balance out the face, a horizontal line that helps to draw the eye side to side would be ideal. A flatter brow, one with a less dominant arch will accomplish this, making the face appear to be shorter. 


Round Face

The ideal eyebrow helps to make the face appear longer. A Round face is almost as wide as it is long and has rounded cheeks. To lengthen the face, the ideal eyebrow shape would have a rather high arch. A shape that follows a straighter line to the peak helps to accentuate vertical lines within the face, drawing the eye up and down. A Rounder brow will draw the eye from side to side, shortening the face. 

Square Face

For someone with a square face, their forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are about the same distance in width. The jawline is very angled and is the most obvious feature of the face. To help soften and balance the strong jaw, a thicker shape is ideal. A defined peak, curved arch, and angled brow create balance within the face. A rounder brow is less desirable as it does not help to soften the jawline. 


Heart-Shaped Face

A Heart-Shaped face is very similar to an oval. The difference between the two is that a Heart-Shaped face tapers into a narrow, pointed chin. To accentuate the heart shape, the best eyebrow shape is a rounded brow. A lower arch and rounded brow create a soft, natural look. 


Diamond Face

The Diamond face is the least common face shape. It typically consists of sharp angles with a shorter forehead. The Diamond face is widest at the temples. The goal of the brows for this face shape is to soften the facial angles and make the widest portion of the face look thinner. A curved brow will soften the angles and balance out the face. Dependent on the length of the face, the arch could be more or less prominent, a higher arch will make the face look longer and more dramatic. 

Type of Eyebrows

When consulting with your Eyebrow technician, be sure to discuss the type of eyebrow you are looking for. This refers to the brows length, thickness; thin, medium, or thick, the arch shape and height, and the definition of the brow. 


Eyebrow Length

Brow length has changed many times throughout the years. We have seen brows that pass the end of the eyes, brows shaved to their halfway point, brows even shaved off. The length of the eyebrow is determined by the width of the eye and the face and the width between the eyes. The eyebrow should angle slightly from the corners of each eye, either extending out to create a longer brow or sitting right above the corners to create a shorter brow. 

Eyebrow Thickness

Thicker brows are trending right now, however, our natural brows have their own unique thickness to them. Whatever you may have; thin, medium, or thick brows, be sure not to over tweeze or wax them as this can ultimately limit how your brow grows back.

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Arch Shape

The arch shape refers to the shape at the height of the brow. When consulting with your brow technician, discuss whether you should have a hard angle to the arch, a soft angle, or a rounded angle. Again, this will depend on your face shape and the look you are personally trying to achieve from your brows. 


Arch Height

When referring to the arch of the eyebrow, you must realize that there are a top and bottom to the arch. The bottom of the arch refers to the area below the eyebrow, above the lid. This is where the height of the arch comes from. This area determines if the arch is medium, high, straight, or shallow. 

Brow Definition

The definition of the eyebrow is usually determined by how thick our hair is naturally. We can add dimension with a brow pen, Microblading, or makeup. It is important not to overly tweeze the middle of the brow to maintain a definition. 


Enhancing the Eyebrow

Microblading has become one of the most sought after salon services. Microblading is the act of making tiny, fine needled points throughout the eyebrow, creating hair-like lines. It is a semi-permanent tattoo process that creates fuller, thicker brows, and helps to enhance the natural beauty of the eyebrow. You can also enhance the eyebrow with a solid eyebrow pencil or eyebrow lamination.

Eyebrow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. Just like a perm for your hair, eyebrow lamination gives the brow a set uniformed shape. Laminating the eyebrows will extend the brow hair, allowing for a thicker, fuller look to the brow, and will normally last for about six weeks. 


Our eyebrow shapes are unique to us, however, there are a few essential rules to follow when editing our natural shape. When choosing a brow shape and style, you must determine your face shape and the style that will highlight your features the best. I rarely would recommend following an eyebrow trend, remember when shaving off the eyebrow and drawing it into a thin straight line was popular? It ended with people having to go through horrible stages of regrowing their brows. However, if you are looking at accentuating the brow you have, looking into microblading, eyebrow pencils, or investing time into finding an eyebrow specialist could do some good.  For the most incredible eyebrow shape, stick to the fundamental rules of eyebrows; do not over-pluck, tweeze or wax and stick to the right shape for your face. When you follow these rules, you can’t go wrong.