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5 Amazing Benefits of Foam Rolling

5 Amazing Benefits of Foam Rolling

Whether this is your first time hitting the gym, motivated by your New Year’s resolution, or you eat, sleep, and breathe exercise (yeah, you who goes to the gym at 8 am every day); foam rolling should be an essential part to your fitness regime! Foam rolling is considered one of the most effective ways to recover from a workout and prevent injury, but if you need a little more convincing, take a look at these 5 amazing benefits that foam rolling provides. (Not to mention the extra benefit that you’ll look super hard core at the gym.)

1. Stretches your muscles deep down

We all know you’re supposed to stretch after a workout, but foam rolling is even better than regular stretching because it can reach deeper in your muscles and relieve built up tension. This tension comes from overuse of the fascia, the soft tissue that covers the muscles. Foam rolling essentially stretches and releases the fascia.

2. Reduces stiffness and soreness in your muscles

Using a foam roller increases blood circulation, and therefore oxygen flow, which helps make your muscles less sore – so you can go to the gym and do it all over again tomorrow! Basically foam rolling decreases the time it takes your muscles to recover from a workout.


“It’s like getting a massage without paying for one!” – Anonymous Track Star


3. Increased range of motion

Because foam rolling releases tension built up, it allows your muscles to stretch. In turn, your muscles achieve better movement and increased range of motion. A win-win.

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4. Increases flexibility

When working out, the fascia becomes tense and can even form knots; causing a decrease in flexibility. After foam rolling, and breaking up the fascia, you increase your flexibility! That’s right, go ahead and try those new yoga moves!


5. Can reduce cellulite

The improved blood circulation as a result of foam rolling may actually help reduce cellulite. Cellulite is fat that accumulates in the layer between skin and muscle. A foam roller can help to release this build up – reducing the appearance of cellulite!
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