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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Phone To Bed With You

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Phone To Bed With You

There are many reasons why bringing your phone to bed with you isn't a good idea. It's not good for your health, your sleep cycle and especially your eyes. Here's why you shouldn't bring your phone to bed with you!

Most of us are guilty of being too attached to our phones; I know I am. But, some separation from your device is actually a really good thing for you! Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t bring your phone to bed with you:

Sleep Cycle

The obvious one first, it affects your sleep cycle. The artificial light decreases the amount of melatonin in your brain, the hormone that helps you sleep. Even after you manage to fall asleep, it won’t be quality time and you won’t feel rested in the morning.



Have you heard that your phone is actually more gross than a toilet seat? I know I have, and I definitely don’t need all that bacteria sleeping right next to me.


It is possible to be TOO connected. If you don’t give your brain a break, you’ll not only lose sleep but you’ll also be more stressed.

Fire Hazard

It is an actual fire hazard to keep your phone under your pillow… as in the heat has been known to set pillows on fire. Only you can prevent (phone) fires, kids.



Ever heard of nomophobia? It’s an actual fear of being without your phone. Just because you feel like your phone is an extension of you DOESN’T mean that’s a good thing for you.

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Mood Changes

It is only one study, but Baylor University has done a study that shows that sleeping with your phone makes you moodier and more temperamental behavior. You don’t want this to cause depression or make it worse!

Eye Strain

You’re probably straining your eyes with the amount of screen time you have per day. Most of my day consists of staring at either a phone screen or my laptop screen. Give your eyes the break they need, because otherwise you might be dealing with headaches, tired or dry eyes, or blurred vision.



Radiation isn’t good for you, we know that. (Cold War, anybody?) There are no proven correlations between cell phone radiation and cancer, but we don’t know what other effects it could be having on your body. Why take the risk when you don’t need to?

Can you think of more reasons you shouldn’t bring your phone to bed with you?! Let us know down below!

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