The 96 Oz Water Bottle Challenge

Here’s the thing, life can get pretty hectic sometimes; there’s no denying that. However, I’m willing to bet a majority of you don’t drink enough water in a day. I’m incredibly guilty of it to. On average, women are supposed to drink 91 oz of water a day; that’s roughly 12 cups of water a day. Don’t panic, I know that sounds like a lot but it truthfully isn’t. If you get a 96 oz water bottle, you just have to drink one of those a day.

Unfortunately, finding a 96 oz water bottle is nearly impossible.

For you Essentia lovers, the largest size they sell is a 50.7 fl oz water bottle. Generally that’s what I’ve got posted up on my desk every day. No, it’s not a bitch to carry around. Not only is Essentia potentially the best water out there, in my humble opinion, it’s also PH balanced. You’re probably thinking WTF will PH balanced water do for me. Well, on top of only needing to drink two of those a day to master the 96 Oz water bottle challenge, Essentia has been proven to be more effective in re-hydrating than other leading bottled water brands. Alkaline water is better for you since it has a base higher than 7.0. Any water below a 9 is considered an acid. The water has mineral ions in it which work to supercharge and re-hydrate you to the fullest.

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Drinking the equivalent of a 96 oz water bottle will do serious wonders for you. As cliché as it sounds, every time my friends are sick, starving or there body is out of whack, I tell them to drink more water. If you drink from a 96 oz water bottle every day your skin is legit going to improve beyond comprehension. If you are someone who breaks out you may as well try this challenge for a week. Even if you moisturize and wash your face regularly, you are going to see a world of a difference. Your energy will skyrocket and you’ll be able to sleep better. Not to mention, if your hair gets greasy fast, drinking the equivalent of a 96 oz water bottle will slow the oil secretion down immensely. Definitely give the 96 oz water bottle challenge a go!

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This may sound crazy, but the 96 oz water bottle challenge is good for you!
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