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15 Tips To Lose Weight Fast (And Keep It Off)

15 Tips To Lose Weight Fast (And Keep It Off)

Here are tips to lose weight while keeping it off. There are a lot of tips to losing weight out there but these work. Read these tips on how to lose weight.

Losing weight can be a real bitch sometimes – especially for girls. It seems that guys are always able to drop 3 pounds no problem while we’re always gaining it. Here are some amazing tips to lose weight. Not only that but these easy tips to lose weight help keep the extra weight off!

1. Set a Goal

Set a realistic goal of how much weight you want to lose and how you want to do it. Losing weight is simple, consume less and burn more. Find the balance of exercise and diet that works for you and will help you achieve your goals. Balance in diet is also important because you should let yourself eat less healthy food some of the time, especially at first, but find a ratio that works for you because setting realistic expectations is the key to success.

2. Exercise with Friends

Exercising with a friend is not only motivating, but also makes it fun! Also, you can learn new exercises from each other that will improve and expand your routines.


3. Change your Habits

It is hard to do, but the only way to get long term results is to change your habits. If you see a diet as a set of restrictions, it will won’t last long, but if you see a diet as a lifestyle it will become effortless eventually. I used to hate exercise, but I forced myself to do it so much that now I crave it because it has become such a habit.

4. Clean Out Your Pantry

Throw away unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy alternatives. Instead of bored eating potato chips, eat celery sticks. It will still satisfy your desire to eat something crunchy but without all the calories and sodium.

5. Drink Water! (Especially Before Meals)

This tip seems obvious, but when you get hungry drink at least one or two glasses of water and reassess if you were hungry or just thirsty. There are a few ways to make sure you drink enough water. For example: carry a water bottle with you throughout the day, flavor your water with fresh fruit, or set a goal of how many cups per day you want to drink.


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6. Eat Breakfast

I can’t emphasize the importance of breakfast enough. Eating a big breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism at the start of the day and get in calories at the beginning of the day, instead of cramming them in at night. Eating a lot earlier in the day is good because it prevents late night snacking and you burn the calories instead of sleeping on them.



7. Track What You Eat

Be mindful of what you are putting in your body. You can write down everything you eat to keep yourself accountable. You could also get an app, I like Lifesum, which you can use to track your calories which is not for everyone, but it works for some people. If you don’t want to write anything down you could also take pictures of everything you eat so you can remember how much you’ve eaten in a day. You have probably heard this as one of the tips to lose weight but this app is a lifesaver. I love it!

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in 8oz of water once a day. This clears out your system, minimizes bloating, and speeds up metabolism.


9. Chia Seeds

Most people just see chia seeds as a health trend, but they are really great to eat because they keep you full for longer and so you’re less likely to snack in between meals.

10. Meal Prep

Prepare healthy meals at the beginning of the week so that it is easier to eat healthy during a busy week. It saves time, money, and forces you to stay on track.

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11. Eat Enough Food

If you cut your caloric intake significantly you will lose weight very quickly, which is what some diets, like the military diet, do. However, this is not sustainable and it is much more likely that you’ll gain it back. Instead, you should eat enough food; however, 500 calories can look very different in healthy food than in junk food. Junk food is more calorie dense, you eat less of it. Fruits and vegetables do not have a lot of calories, so you have to eat more to get the nutrients and calories needed. This is one of the more misunderstood tips to losing weight. Keep your metabolism up.

12. Go Outside!

Take a walk, don’t sit inside. Get yourself moving in whatever way you can. Go to the park. Read a book outside. Whatever it takes, just get moving.


13. Take the Stairs

This is one of the easiest ways of burning a few extra calories. It’s the little changes that make a difference.

14. Cut Out Soda

Don’t drink your calories. Soda is extra sugar and calories that don’t contain any nutritional value. Use your calories effectively and don’t waste them on sugary drinks. There are so many options for drinks that are not water or soda. My favorite is kombucha because it is fizzy and comes in a ton of flavors, has low sugar, and has a lot of health benefits.


15. Take a Class

Some people like exercise classes. There are such a huge variety and it is a good way to stay accountable because if you sign up for a class, it forces you to show up and get it done. Classes are a great alternative to the gym if you want a more diverse workout and like the social aspect of being in a group. This should one of the fun tips to lose weight. Find something you love doing like barre, yoga or Pilates!

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