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What To Talk About On A Date If You’re Unsure

What To Talk About On A Date If You’re Unsure

Don't know what to talk about on a date? These date conversation starters are perfect when you don't know what to say. These date topics are fun and easy.

Dating seems to be a foreign concept to college students; if you fall under this category and are unsure what to talk about on a date, I’ve got you covered. If you really need me to break it down for you, I’ve already got 22 questions ready to go. However, if you are looking for general topics to cover on a date, this article if perfect for you. Here’s what to talk about on a date if you are clueless where to start. No sweat, they are easy conversations to bring up on a first date.

Your Childhood

This is such an easy first date discussion to have; it should be a fun one. Take a walk down memory lane. Ask them where they grew up, their high school interests, what their hometown is like and any funny memories as a kid. Who doesn’t love bonding over Razor Scooters and Hot Wheels? I for one get fairly excited about this first date conversation starter topic.

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If you don’t already know to ask this on a date, you really are a rookie; but no sweat. Getting the lowdown on your date’s family is a dead giveaway to their family dynamic. If you truly pay attention, you’ll be able to pick up on subtle clues about them. Do they have only child or middle child syndrome? Plus, their relationship with their parents and siblings is a dead giveaway to what they are like as a person.

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You can’t go wrong. This is something to talk about during your date. If you still don’t know what to talk about on a date, travel always loosens the mood. You can even toss in questions about where they have previously lived. If you are an adventurous person, this is a fun topic to talk about on a date.


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Entertainment is always a date topic to address. Figure out what types of shows, movies, music and other hobbies they are into. On my first date with my now boyfriend we spent an hour talking about Game of Thrones and our favorite TV shows. This date conversation keeps the evening light and fun.

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Their Friends

If you still don’t know what to talk about on a date, the safest topic of discussion is their friends. People love to share stories about the people closest to them and their friends are no exception. This shows you take an interest in their life and are curious about who they hang with.

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Let us know what you think about what to talk about on a date in the comments below!
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