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8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

Want to increase your self esteem? Then we have the tips you need to start feeling better about yourself! Follow these tips to feel confident in no time!

Knowing how to increase your self esteem is important. If you’re human, you have probably struggled with self-esteem. Even the most seemingly confident people have woken up and not felt their best. We all go through it and there are ways to cope. Don’t worry you are not alone. I am here to help. Here are 8 ways to increase your self-esteem!

1. Do something active!

Exercise is a great way to help increase your self esteem. Not only does it help you release stress, but exercise also allows you to set small goals for yourself. Being able to achieve a task, no matter how small, can help you build your confidence! The release of endorphins will have you feeling happier. The exercise will do wonders for your health and your self-image. It’s a win win!

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

2. Do something you enjoy!

When you are feeling down, engaging in an activity you enjoy will help you focus on the positive stuff. Doing something that you enjoy and are good at will be sure to boost your confidence. If you like baking, bake a delicious cake. If you like drawing, draw a beautiful picture. Working on your talents will help you see yourself in a more positive light. And trust me, we all have talents!

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

3. Meditate

People say that meditating can be hard. Sitting in silence, trying to keep your mind clear of any rampant thought seems nearly impossible. However, meditation can help rid you of negative thoughts. Maybe not right away, but eventually that would be the goal. At first, thoughts will come to your mind no matter how hard you try to keep them away. It’s okay. Acknowledge the thought, then set it free. It sounds crazy, but with enough practice it will get easier.

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

4. Focus on yourself.

One sure way to bring yourself down is to compare yourself to other people. It can be hard when the people around you are celebrating achievements and you feel like you are falling behind. Remember that we all lead different paths in life. As long as you try to focus on your goals and what it is you are trying to accomplish, other people’s achievements will just be another point of celebration and not an opportunity to put yourself down. Do you because you are doing great!

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

5. Write down what you’re grateful for.

Keeping track of the good things in your life will help you have a more positive outlook on yourself and on life. Take note of positive experiences no matter how small they may be. This will help you see all of the good you have going for you and will encourage you to keep staying positive.

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

6. Think of your mistakes as a chance to grow.

Self-esteem has a great deal to do with our state of mind. It is about how we view ourselves and how we see ourselves in the world. In order to build your self-esteem, you have to let go of perfection. Nobody is perfect and we all will make mistakes. Instead of dwelling on those mistakes, you have to grow from those situations. You have to learn from your mistakes and use those instances to grow into better people. Learning to grow from your mistakes will help you increase your self esteem because we will constantly be gaining wisdom. Your outlook on life will be much more positive. Trust me, I’ve tried it!

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8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

7. Speak kindly to yourself.

Negative thoughts sometimes manifest themselves in the way we speak to ourselves. If you find yourself whispering, “I’m so stupid. How could I not know that ?”  or “I’m so ugly.” then you are damaging the way you think of yourself. Instead, use affirmations like “I’m curious about this topic. I want to learn more.” or “I really like my birthmark. It makes me unique.” Changing the language of your inner conversations, will help you think of yourself in a more positive way. This will boost your confidence and make you feel happier.

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

8. Pay attention to your inner circle.

A lot of the time negativity doesn’t come from yourself, but the people around you. It can be simple comments criticizing your appearance or making fun of you for liking certain things. Being around people who bring you down could be damaging to your self-esteem. While joking could be intended as lighthearted, after a while they can affect the way you see yourself. It’s not about being sensitive, its about being mindful about your mental health. A way to navigate this is to practice being kind to others. Spreading kindness might help other people become more positive about themselves and they might return the favor. Take care of yourself. Take care of other people. Be happy!

8 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem

How do you increase your self esteem? What other tips do you have to increase your self esteem? Tell us in the comments!
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