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7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

The last decade of the 20th century sure has left good impressions beyond time. You would think that such at time would be forgotten. Instead, this era has been having a blast with throwbacks and it shows that nearly everything in life is timeless. If you are a 90s child or wanting a blast from the past, other than switching up your closet for old school vibes, try these 7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover. We all need a little nostalgia now and then. From developed photos and posters on the wall to cassette tapes and CD disks, here is how to give your room the makeover you have been longing for.

1. Going Retro

Vintage items have been marketed as things before the 90s have begun. There is actually a name for older things from that time, retro. From colorful patterns on shirts to the snazzy Nike rainbow shoes, we all love retro aspects in our lives. This brings back the good times of media, games and television, without the hassle to conform with what is new. To give your room a retro makeover, you can add a disco ball or lava lamp as a night light. This can turn your dorm or bedroom into the party center you and your friends needed. While the older rotating disco light isn’t around anymore, you can still pick up a more contemporary version from Amazon.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

2. Posters On The Wall, Photos Everywhere

A 90s teenager’s bedroom would not be complete without all the posters of boy bands, movies, TV series, and their celebrity crush. Everyone in 2019 is openly enthusiastic about their most valued fandoms. Posters are still being sold today, which is awesome. Of course, you will be needing Command strips as opposed to good old Scotch tape. On a side note, posters can be framed as well. During the 90s, groups of friends expanded on end, and Kodak cameras were carried anywhere. If you have printed photos of friends from high school or college, hang the photos on strings or stick them on the wall for a lively feel.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

3. Glow In The Dark Stars Stickers

A bedroom in the 90s was not complete without glow in the dark stars and galaxy stickers. Sure they were plastic and stuck on the ceiling using adhesive putty, but they were surely cool to look at before bed time. From childhood to early teenage years, these stars were considered to be the coolest décor for a room. It may take a while to stick them on individually but it is worth the wait. For a cute and fun makeover, grab these galaxy stickers on Amazon. Nowadays, glow in the dark can be cool for any age. You would have one of a kind bedrooms.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

4, Comfy Inflatable Chair

As opposed to Ottomans and armchairs, people in the 90s had one of these inflatable chairs in their rooms. Available in any color, the inflatable chair was something everyone wanted in their bedroom, living room, even outdoor patio. For years, these chairs have been updated for comfort instead of outdated. There are now various sizes and shapes for inflatable chairs. Add this to your 90s room makeover and introduce the best furniture piece ever. Once finished, you can deflate the chair and store it away, or keep it in the room. You’ll never know if you’d want to lounge in it and play some video games.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

5, Impressive CD Collection

In the era of streaming services and music downloads, you would think CDs and DVDs would be obsolete by now. In the 90s and early 2000s, teens and young adults filled their bookshelves and cabinets with CDs and cassette tapes. Rocking out to your favorite bands and singing along while staring at your posters were part of the simpler times. It was more fun to show of your new CDs and collection than to scroll and play songs in a second. CD players and boom boxes have been sold everywhere until the early 2000s, making this a memorable thing to have within the bedroom.

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7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

6. Colorful Beaded Curtain

Whether you replace your door with it, or have it hovering the closet, beaded curtains were colorful and cool to have. The most notable thing to do is around the beaded strings in order of the rainbow colors or to have the curtain in solid colors you love. They come in all shapes and colors such as hearts, stars, the moon, and something random like fish. Infamously, singer Britney Spears was known to pose in photo shoots with beaded curtains as they added a little more aesthetic. This might give one more reason to add beaded curtains to your room makeover.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

7. Nostalgic Lava Lamp

Growing up, kids would have regular lamps and night lights, teenagers and college students had lava lamps. To add more color to your bedroom makeover, a lava lamp or two would give your space even more glow if it didn’t have enough already. Currently lava lamps are still being sold in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Impress your roommate or friends with this cool lighting.

7 Ways To Give Your Room A 90s Makeover

Do you like any of these ideas? Which of these throwbacks do you like? Comment below. 

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