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How to Get Organized for Good

How to Get Organized for Good

How to Get Organized for Good

All throughout elementary, middle, and high school I was a very messy person. You couldn’t see the floor in my room and I used to get in so much trouble with my parents because of it. After many years of being forced to clean my room, I started cleaning it on my own and learned to really start enjoying it! Here are a few tips on how you can get organized and stay that way.


1. Throw your stuff out. Having tons of stuff crammed into a small space often makes things hard to organize and contributes to a messy room. During a day off, go through and donate, sell, or give your younger siblings your old clothes. Hand-me-downs are a great thing. Donate books you’ve had forever and don’t read anymore, and throw out old makeup and old hair products. In the future, as soon as you come across something old and worn, throw it away.


2. Give everything a spot. Everyone needs a home, and that includes your belongings. Make sure all your little trinkets and daily-use products have a place in your room that they get put into when you’re not using them. Pens, pencils and other desk items belong in that plastic basket, your shoes stay in that useful shelf on your closet wall, your make-up stays in the make-up trunk and your hair products in that fabric bin on your dresser. You use them, and put them back.

Organize desk Organize dresser                                                                               

3. Use your space wisely. Whether you have room on your bureau for a little basket, wall space for a shelf, or floor space for a nightstand, table or storage draws, there are probably corners of your room that would make a huge difference in staying organized. Take a look at these storage options, big and small:

See-Thru Underbed Organizers, Mini Dot Stack Me Up Bookcase Cube

Desk organization Closet organize

4. Make it fun or therapeutic. Turn on some music, use cute stickers or labels on boxes, drawers or shelves, and check out Pinterest for fun ideas to spice up your room and make organizing something you look forward to each day.

Clean dance


5. Make your bed every day. This will seem like a daunting task, but you will be amazed at how a made-bed makes your room look 10 times more organized, even if it isn’t.

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make bed


6. Keep a schedule. Each day make sure you do something that involves keeping up with the organization task. Assign a organizing duty to each day of the week.


7. Keep up. Once your room is organized try to keep it that way by keeping things in order every day. Procrastinating will eventually create a huge mess that you’ll dread cleaning up. It’s like school work. You always regret procrastinating when you’re doing a semesters worth of work with a week to spare.

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