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Top 9 Places To Hookup At Northeastern

Top 9 Places To Hookup At Northeastern

Finding alone time with your S.O. on campus can be difficult. No matter your definition of hook up, here’s the absolute best spots to get some husky-puppy love! Keep reading for the top 9 places to hookup at Northeastern!

1. The trash room of your dorm hall.

Where you belong.

2. Speare Hall common rooms.

And if you get caught, you can get kicked off your sports team! You know who you are.



3. The baby heads by the MFA.

If you’re into creepy shit like that.

4. Underneath the lotus flower at the MFA.

If you’re really into living on the edge, because the petals will float up and reveal you in 30 seconds!


5. The Curry Center roof deck.

So you can literally look down on everyone else.

Is the curry center roof deck on your list of places to hookup at Northeastern?

6. At a frat party!

Get on @neumakeouts. Impress your friends.



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7. On the tracks of the T.

Maybe you need that free tuition?

8. In the Fens at night.

Just the safest place ever!

9. In the safety and comfort of your own bedroom.

I’m no expert, but I heard this might be an okay place?

Where are your favorite places to hookup at Northeastern? Comment below and share the article!
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