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10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

Warm Destinations are great locations to travel to at any point of the year. When winter hits, many people want to take a holiday somewhere warm in order to escape the colder climates. This is especially true for those who reside in areas where it is freezing cold during the winter season.

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, winter takes place between December and February. Meanwhile, for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, winter takes place between June and August.

Depending on where people decide to spend, warm destinations in the winter vary in price from low to expensive rates. Regardless of the price, whichever place you decide to go to is worth every penny. 

Do you want to escape the cold temperatures when winter comes? If the answer is yes, here are 10 Warm Destinations To Consider Traveling To During The Winter:

1. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain:

In general, Spain is a popular place to have a winter holiday as there are several warm destinations around the European Country for tourists to consider booking their next winter holidays. One of the places to consider hitting up is The Canary Islands, which consists of seven islands.

Geographically speaking, The Canary Islands are technically part of Africa but are part of the kingdom of Spain. From the seven islands that make up The Canary Islands, Tenerife is the largest in terms of size and population, in addition to being one of the most popular ones that tourists flock to. 

At Tenerife, tourists can enjoy the island’s natural sights, which include volcanos and white and black sandy beaches. Nightlife on this island is great too. It is also recommended to visit Tenerife in February, as it is when Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife takes place. It is one of the world’s largest carnivals and attracts plenty of tourists each year. 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

2. Hawaii:

Eight Islands makeup The Aloha State and it is one of the most popular warm destinations year-round for people to check out. If you go during the winter, avoid doing when the winter holidays come in December as Hawaii is jam-packed with tourists and hotel and airline ticket rates are more on the pricey side. Prices for hotels and airplane tickets are much lower at any other time during the winter months.

The best islands to have your winter vacation at are Maui, Oahu, and Kauai (See the photo below). Regardless of which of the Hawaiian Islands you stay at, take in the area’s natural beauty, clear ocean waters, and exquisite cuisine. If you have time, attend a luau. 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

3. Panama City, Panama:

The capital of Panama is one of a few underrated warm destinations on this list to visit if you want to escape your hometown’s cold winter. The 18th-Century style architecture, diverse food cuisine, tropical rainforests, and world-class art are among the aspects that attract visitors to Panama City.

Besides The Panama Canal, spots to visit while in Panama City include two UNESCO sites: Casco Viejo (see the photo below), a district of colonial houses; and Panama Viejo, a heritage site where tourists can see the remains of the original city of Panama. If you end up vacationing in Panama City during the winter, you have to stay at the historic The American Trade Hotel.

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

4. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos:

The Bahamas (See #7 below) is one of the most popular warm destinations in the Caribbean that tourists go and visit. Besides The Bahamas, another fantastic destination in The Caribbean for your next winter vacation is Providenciales, an island that is in the northwest Caicos Islands, which is part of Turks & Caicos Islands, a British overseas territory.

In Turks & Caicos, Providenciales is the largest island in terms of both population and size. Beach lovers will fall in love with the clear teal ocean waters, beautiful coral reefs, and white sandy beaches that Providenciales offers. 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

The capital of Argentina is one of three warm destinations located in the Southern Hemisphere to make this list. From the perspective of those residing in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a real treat to visit Buenos Aires in the winter as during this time, it is summer there. 

From December to February, the weather in Buenos Aires is typically in the 80s and January is the hottest month. Tourist season is at its peak during this time period, so be prepared for large crowds as you winder around the city and expensive hotel rates.

Despite this, Buenos Aires is still worth traveling to during the winter as it is truly a beautiful and charming city with a lot to offer. While in the Argentine Capital, be sure to visit the La Boca neighborhood, Casa Rosada, and the Recoleta Cemetery. 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

6. Sevilla, Spain:

As stated earlier, there several cities to choose from if you opt to spend your winter vacation in Spain. One of the best warm destinations to go and visit is Sevilla, a city that is located in southern parts of the country.

Besides the warm weather, Sevilla is known for its wonderful architecture, flamenco music, tapas, and bull fights. Key spots to definitely check out while in the Andalusian capital include Plaza de Espana (fun fact: part of Star Wars was filmed there), St. Mary of See Cathedral, Alcazar, and the Torre del Orro, to name a few.

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

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7. The Bahamas:

Year-round, The Caribbean ranks highly amongst warm destinations to travel and visit. One of the most popular islands in The Caribbean to visit if you want to escape the frosty winter weather is The Bahamas. 

The nation is composed of over 700 islands and cays. Nassau and Paradise Island are among the best areas to stay at while visiting The Bahamas. The Ocean Club and The Cove at Atlantis are the best hotels to stay at. Tourists will be enamored with The Bahamas’ clear oceans and breathtaking sunsets. Be sure to hit the beach, sample the island’s restaurants, and shop during your visit.

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

8. Melbourne, Australia:

Along with Buenos Aires (See #5 above) and Rio de Janeiro (See #9 below), Melbourne is another one of the three warm destinations to consider spending your next winter vacation at that’s in the Southern Hemisphere. As it is summer down under there, this is the place to be if you want the surf, sand, and sun.

Like most of the warm destinations on this list, Melbourne provides a vibrant city scene and beautiful oceanfront. The best beaches to go for a swim and relax at in/near Melbourne include Brighton Beach, Williamstown Beach, and St. Kilda Beach, to name a few. Be sure to also check out The Queen Victoria and The South Melbourne Night Markets while in the city as well! 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

While narrowing down your list of potential warm destinations to visit during the winter, if having a good time and partying plan to be major aspects towards your final decision, Rio de Janeiro is the place to go! 

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most visited tourist city! The New Year’s Eve Celebrations are festive with amazing firework displays and music at the famous Copacabana Beach! In addition, the end of February is another great time to head down to Rio De Janeiro during the winter as it is when Carnival takes place!

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

10. Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona:

Given that these two cities in Arizona are a 30-minute drive away from each other, I opted to combine both for #10. Unlike the rest of the warm destinations on this list, Phoenix and Scottsdale don’t scream tropical getaway.

Arizona is warm year-round as the state is situated in desert terrains. Winter is the best time to go and visit Phoenix and Scottsdale as it won’t as scorching hot as it would be during the summer. Daytime temperatures during the winter are typically in the high sixties during January and in the high seventies in March. While in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, don’t forget to check out and admire the Grand Canyon and Camelback Mountain. 

10 Warm Destinations To Travel To During The Winter

Regardless of the season or time of year, which of these 10 Warm Destinations is next on your bucket list to travel to? Let us know which one down in the comments section below!

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