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Fun Events In Columbus That Aren’t A Buckeye Football Game

Fun Events In Columbus That Aren’t A Buckeye Football Game

If you go to OSU or want to visit Columbus, get ready for an amazing time attending all kinds of events for everyone to enjoy!

I have lived in Cleveland basically my whole life, and I decided to move to Columbus to go to The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!).  I had never been to Columbus before I moved here, and I didn’t realize that the city has so much to offer!  Columbus, in recent years, has been booming with start-up businesses causing young people to migrate here.  If you go to OSU or want to visit the capital of Ohio, I made a great bucket list of activities for you to do while you’re here!

1. Candle Lab

This little candle shop is literally one of the cutest places in the whole city!  Having multiple locations (Worthington, Short North, etc..), there is one within a 15-minute drive from wherever you are in Columbus!  You can go in and shop for candles like any other candle store, but there’s more, for example, customizing your own candle.

With so many scents and sizes to choose from, this makes a great gift for someone or a fun outing for you and your besties!  Besides, who doesn’t love a good candle to complete a cozy afternoon?


2. Studio 614

Feed your inner artist while completing your Pinterest dreams!  This BYOB paint studio in Clintonville is a perfect place for any occasion. The artists will guide you through making your own painting or craft with step-by-step instructions, so everyone can be considered an artist.

From painting the Columbus Skyline to even painting your own pet, there are so many classes to choose from!  Grab your friends and sign up for a class today here!  Also, use the promo code “NEIGHBOR” to receive 50% off any class!

3. Skull Session

Even though this technically falls into the same category as a football game, this is for all the BDBITL fans out there! Plus, it’s free!  Skull session happens before every home football game, and this is where the Ohio State marching band will play their entire halftime show set for the audience (without the marching of course).  They even have the opposing team’s band as well as a local high school band come in to perform for the occasion.  This is the perfect way to enjoy the band without paying hundreds for a football ticket.


4. 16-Bit Bar + Arcade

This one is for the 21+ crowd!  This is an awesome little bar tucked in Columbus that will feed your  obsession with vintage video games!  People come in, grab a beer at the bar and then spend the evening challenging their friends at some classic games like Ms. Pac Man, Centipede, pinball and more.

I guarantee that you haven’t played games like this in forever, so this is a cool and unique night out that will change things up from going to your go-to bar.  Get ready to gear up and play on!

5. Broadway Season at the Ohio Theatre

Right in downtown Columbus, they have the touring Broadway series come in every year to perform the plays and musicals for a month or so!  Even if you aren’t a theatre geek like myself, the mesmerizing theatre itself complete with breathtaking performances makes this ideal for any date night.

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Some shows that are scheduled for their 2018-2019 season are Disney’s Aladdin, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote and Hamilton!  Yes, the rap-musical that everyone is talking about is coming right here to Columbus!  Who wouldn’t love a good night out at the theatre?

6. Easton Mall

Everyone I know in Columbus gushes over Easton Mall, and even Cleveland friends would make the drive down to Easton just to shop there!  I didn’t understand the hype at all until I went there and it all made sense.  This is no ordinary mall.  They do have your “typical” indoor mall complete with a movie theatre, but they also have an extensive outdoor mall complete with a gorgeous fountain, decadent restaurants, typical mall favorites and designer stores!  I was SHOOK when I saw that they had a Henri Bendel right next to Tiffany and Louis Vuitton- it’s like a mini 5th Avenue from NYC!  Let your inner shopaholic out at Easton!


7. The Big Bang

Going back to the 21+ crowd for a second. This is anything but your ordinary bar!  They put an extreme emphasis on the live music and comedy shows they provide and they don’t come up short. They have their music on an audience request basis, so every night is a brand new experience (a definite change from hearing the same Dua Lipa song every night at the club).  You can even rent out the place for a private party!  Get ready for a “bangin'” night at The Big Bang!

With so many option in Columbus to choose from, these gems were some of the best.  Grab your besties and check them out!

Which event in Columbus has you most excited? Comment below!

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