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Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

It is almost mandatory for everyone to carve a pumpkin each Halloween, but recently, Jack-O-Lanterns have become repetitive. The typical pumpkin carving is two triangle eyes, another smaller triangle nose, and a crooked smile with rectangle teeth, but there are so many cool pumpkin carving ideas out there for you to try! Here are a few unique ways you can carve your pumpkin this Halloween season:

1. All Tied Up

If you are a fan of the creepier side of Halloween, then this unique way to carve your pumpkin this season is something you are going to LOVE. This pumpkin carving takes the traditional Jack-O-Lantern and turns it into something out of a nightmare with one small touch – rope! Go to your local hardware store and pick up some rope that is about 1/2 an inch thick. You will need to carve or drill a few more tiny holes into your pumpkin to thread the rope through, but the finished product is unique and horrifying!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

2. Jack-O-Lantern Turned Scary

If you are a fan of the typical and traditional Jack-O-Lantern but also want to change things up a bit, then this is the perfect way for you to carve your pumpkin this Halloween! Start off with the traditional triangle eyes and nose, but instead of cutting out rectangle teeth for your pumpkin’s smile, carve out the entire smile instead, leaving behind the carved smile to carve teeth out of later. Next, carve the pumpkin’s “face” off, and leave behind dangling eyeballs and a full set of teeth! This is definitely different, but perfect for those traditional people!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

3. Fairytale Fantasy

We get it – sometimes all the ghoul and creep of Halloween isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally fine! But sometimes, it can be hard to figure out a cool way to carve your pumpkin that leaves behind all of that scary stuff. Here’s the perfect pumpkin design for you! Carve your pumpkin into a magical fairy house with windows and a little door for fairies to come and go as they please. Get decorative and crafty with toothpicks and little flowers, and even add some vines if you’d like! This pumpkin carving is incredibly cute and guaranteed to make heads turn!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

4. Pumpkin Party

If it’s hard for you to carve just one pumpkin every year, then you have to try this creative and fun pumpkin carving idea! Instead of purchasing massive, orange pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch, pick out some colorful, small, and unique pumpkins instead! With these pumpkins, you will carve a variety of classic Jack-O-Lantern faces into them, but instead of sitting them next to each other on your doorstep, you will stack them in a little pumpkin tower! So clever and unique!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

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5. Ghosts And Ghouls

Have you ever seen a ghost pumpkin before? Because I definitely haven’t, but I absolutely LOVE this idea! When you go to the pumpkin patch, search for pumpkins with a longer, oval shape. When you begin to carve your pumpkin, you will want to cut the stem of the pumpkin off using a zigzag pattern rather than a classic circle – this will be the bottom of the ghost! After you carve your cute ghost faces, you will want to paint your pumpkins white! Remember to keep what was the top of the pumpkin on the bottom – your ghosts will thank you later!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

6. Pumpkin Eating Pumpkins

For this creative way to carve your pumpkin, you will need one oblong pumpkin and four tiny pumpkins! First, carve your larger pumpkin with a wonky face, making it look scared! Your four little pumpkins will have big mouths and sharp teeth, and they will be eating their way into your bigger pumpkin! This is unique, different, and funny!

Unique Ways To Carve Your Pumpkin This Halloween

Which unique pumpkin carving do you like the most? Let us know in the comments down below!

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