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10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

Halloween is upon us and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already started to plan your costume. One of the most fun things about Halloween is dressing up! What’s even more fun than dressing up alone? Dressing up with the squad and having a killer group costume!

But with so many contrasting personalities and ideas, how do you choose a costume that everyone will be happy with? While some people claim they don’t care what they dress up as let’s be honest, they probably do care, even if it’s just a little bit. If you’re struggling to find a costume that will make everyone happy, look no further than these 10 group Halloween costumes that everyone in the group will be excited to participate in!

1. Mystery Inc.

Scooby-Doo is a Halloween classic and would make a fantastic group costume for you and the gang! This is a relatively easy costume to pull off, and you can go as detailed as you want with it, making it perfect if you have someone in the group who isn’t too keen on dressing up! Of course, there are only 5 members of Mystery Inc., but if you have a larger group this is a super easy costume to expand on!

If your group is larger than 5 people, you in incorporate other characters such as the numerous ghosts and ghouls, Scrappy-Doo, or even the Mystery Machine if you have a creative DIYer in the group! You can pull inspiration from the OG cartoon Scooby-Doo, or you can even use the live-action movies as inspiration! That means a Mary Jane costume, the red latex number that Velma rocks, and more elaborate villains! Plus, the group photos will be super cute, and you’ll probably win a costume contest, just saying…

Shopping List:

  • Fred: white shirt, blue collared shirt, orange ascot, blue jeans
  • Daphne: purple dress, green scarf, purple headband, pink tights, white boots
  • Velma: orange turtle neck sweater, red (pleated) skirt, orange knee-high socks, glasses
  • Shaggy: green v-neck shirt, brown pants
  • Scooby-Doo: all brown clothing, blue-collar

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

2. Creepy and Kooky

Another absolute classic you and the crew can dress up as this year is the Addams family! No matter where you go, you will be recognized as the creepy family we all secretly wish we were a part of! The costumes of The Addams Family are absolutely iconic and actually really simple… when in doubt, wear black!

While many are familiar with Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley, there are actually way more characters making this a fantastic option for a group costume! Along with those four characters, there is also Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Debbie (The Addams Family Values), Pubert, Cousin Itt, and Thing (for the creative one in the group). Again, this is an excellent costume for everyone because there are super simple character looks and then more complicated ones!

Shopping List:

  • Gomez: suit (preferably striped), bow tie
  • Morticia: long black dress, red lipstick, black wig
  • Wednesday: the classic “Wednesday dress” a.k.a. peter pan collar dress, black wig
  • Pugsley: black and white striped shirt, black shorts
  • Fester: bald cap, black coat, black turtle neck
  • Lurch: suit, grey face paint

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

3. Game of Thrones

Many people were not a fan of how GOT ended, but you have to admit, the costumes are everything. This is an excellent costume if you have a big group! There are, of course, the main characters but really, every character is iconic and has an excellent look! This is definitely a group costume for those who are really into both Halloween and GOT because the detail is crucial to pull this off! The good news is, many of these costumes can be rented or put together relatively easily, but don’t skip the wigs! You can even get creative and go to the fabric store for the faux furs and capes!

Obviously, this is a costume a lot of people can participate in. If you plan to do this group costume with a large group, make a Halloween party of it! Have everyone dress up as an assigned character (so there are no doubles) and have a costume contest! Whoever nails the character the best, wins! You can also play games and battle for the Halloween throne!

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

4. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital/Litchfield Penitentiary

One of the easiest costumes is dressing as a doctor, all you need is scrubs! But instead of being any doctor, why not be the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

Again, this is a very easy costume for groups who either don’t have the time to make or get a costume, people who don’t care to spend money on a costume, or those who don’t like to dress up at all! For this costume, all you have to do is get a pair of scrubs which you can find on Amazon for a low price, or you can even borrow them from a friend! And if it’s cold, just throw on a long sleeve shirt! Your costume won’t be ruined at all! Pair it with some white tennies, and you’re ready for Halloween!

If you’re super into dressing up and the scrubs aren’t enough for you, you can add a white lab coat to really bring the look home! You can even make medical badges and clip them to your costumes! If Grey’s Anatomy isn’t your thing, you can even turn this exact costume into a prisoner or Orange is the New Black costume by wearing orange and khaki scrubs!

Shopping List:

  • Scrubs
  • Whitecoat
  • White shoes

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

5. Who You Gonna Call?

A classic Halloween movie and fantastic costume, Ghostbusters has it all!

This costume is super fun for groups because it is simple, but the details are what make the costume! It’s also a great costume because even though there are only 4 Ghostbusters in the movie, that doesn’t mean you need to stick to 4! Since the costume has no explicit “character,” there can be as many people as you want! Technically this costume is more about the look and not the characters.

However, you can make this a character-based costume! While the OG Ghostbusters had no obvious differentiation between each character’s costume, the all-female version had some added character detail that you can copy! This Halloween costume is great for both guys and girls making it perfect for all friend groups!

Shopping list:

  • Kahki jumpsuit or khaki clothing
  • Black shoes
  • DIY Ghostbust trap (think backpack but bulkier)
  • DIY patches

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

6. You Gotta Friend in Me

In honor of Toy Story 4 hitting theaters this year, dress up like Woody and the gang with your crew! Toy Story is an iconic movie with some very distinct characters that everyone is familiar with. There’s also a ton of characters to choose from, and you can even include the newer characters like Gabby Gabby and Forky!

As an added bonus, you probably have a lot of the costume necessities already in your closet! If you don’t, no worries! A lot of these costumes can be easily DIYed or be found in thrift stores! This is an excellent costume for small and large groups alike, and you don’t need to have every character to have it work. To add a little extra cuteness to the costume, write “Andy” on a piece of electric tape with a Sharpie and stick it to the bottom of your shoe!

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

See Also

7. 1 Artist, 100 Works

This is definitely one of my personal favorite costumes because I think it is so unique and can look amazing with larger groups! For this costume, all you have to do is decide on a well-known actor or actress that has done a lot of movies. Some great options include Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Robin Williams, Sigourney Weaver, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Will Smith. Then, everyone picks a role that a particular actor or actress has played in a movie or TV show and dresses up as that role!

You can also do this with directors who have filmed many films such as James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, Quintin Tarantino, Guillermo del Toro, and Tim Burton, and have everyone dress as a character from different films they’ve directed. You can do this with any artist or creator in general and get creative with it! Maybe do an author like Stephan King, a painter like da Vinci, or musician and dress as the song! Think Purple Rain, Yellow Submarine, and Tiny Dancer… Get creative!

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

8. Commencement of the Annual Purge

While the concept of The Purge is absolutely terrifying, the costumes of the film are very well known and even if you’ve never seen the movies, you know the costume. This costume is incredibly simple and can be a lot of fun if done in a group! What’s fun about this costume is that you can dress however you want, you just need the mask. Many people do this costume with only a white t-shirt with “bloody” handprints on it, and other people dress in date-night attire and look classy (a little ironic but it looks fantastic)! There’s really no wrong way to do this costume, but if you really want to get the costume across, you’ll have to add “blood.”

To do this, find clothing you don’t mind looking like the ending of Carrie and purchase either fake blood from the Halloween store, or red dye or red paint from a craft store. Then, go crazy! Lastly, get a mask from the Halloween store, and you’re ready for the annual Purge!

Shopping List:

  • Black and white clothing
  • Fake blood, red dye, or red paint
  • Halloween mask

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

9. Misunderstood

If you ask me, villains are just misunderstood, not evil… okay well maybe some of them are… I’m looking at you Scar and Cruella. Disney villains by far have the best costumes, makeup, and humor of any character out there. Every Disney villain is also iconic, and when in a group, they are unmistakable making this the perfect group Halloween costume for you and the squad this year!

We sometimes forget just how many Disney villains there are… and there’s a lot. Since there are so many villains, there’s sure to be one for everyone in your group for both guys and girls! Again, this is the perfect costume for large groups because there is literally a character for everyone. Not all of the costumes are super intricate or detailed, so even if you aren’t big on Halloween, there is a villain for you. It’s also fantastic for the ones in the group who like to dress up for Halloween because there are more complex characters that will give them a chance to showcase their DIY and makeup skills!

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

10. Damsel in Dead-stress

This creepy Halloween costume is heavily inspired by YouTuber Mykie (Glam and Gore) who is an incredible makeup artist that comes up with the most creative looks out there that are perfect for Halloween. 

This Halloween, instead of doing the basic Disney princess costume, put a spin on it and making the zombies… or damsels in dead-stress! When you think about it, Disney movies are really dark or are at least taken from darker versions like the Grimm Fairy Tales. With this in mind, consider how this princess might meet her end. Some examples of this that Mykie came up with include Elsa getting frostbite, Ariel getting hooked by a fisherman, Snow White being realistically poisoned, and Cinderella being impaled by her shoe… Yes, it’s dark, but the possibilities are endless, and the results can be incredible. This is a great costume for those of you who love makeup and special effects! You can do this with any princess, just get creative!

10 Group Halloween Costumes The Whole Gang Will Love

What will you and the crew dress up as for your group Halloween costumes this year? Will you be pitching any of these ideas to them? Tell us in the comments!

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