The Ultimate Guide To Halloween At MSU

Halloween at MSU is no joke, and you have to prepare yourself for all of the craziness! Are you ready? Read this handy guide on how to survive!

‘Tis the season for the best time of the year. The short, joyful time between October and December where comfort food is in abundance and winter is made so much less depressing with Christmas lights on every corner. The season kicks off with Halloween at MSU. In the past, Halloween is a night where kids get to dress up and get a ton of free candy. Let me tell you, Halloween in college is much different.

Halloween is cool!

College Halloween is usually stretched into an entire weekend and sometimes even a week. These consecutive days are referred to as “Halloweekend.” It will basically be around three nights of successive parties that you must take time to prepare for. Halloweekend is special this year because the Michigan vs. Michigan State game falls right in the middle of it and the thirty first falls on a Monday… You’re going to need a day-by-day guide so you can thrive during Halloween at MSU. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to Halloween at MSU!



Deciding on your first costume.

Wear your second favorite costume. This is the first night of Halloween at MSU and you will probably want to take a bunch of pictures to set the tone for a good weekend. Save your best costume for the actual night of Halloween.

Squad Goals

Go out with your best friends and enjoy East Lansing before all of Ann Arbor decides to take over for the weekend.


Party hard!

Attend one of your friend’s house party. Nothing is more fun than an epic house party. There will definitely be an abundance of these, so you could even wander from house-to-house to check things out. Just remember to Uber or call a cab so you are not Freshman bait for cops.

Get a post party snack at Conrad’s.

Go get the DWB and eat the whole thing along with drinking as much water as you can fit in your stomach. Once you get home, drink at least three more glasses of water, take off your makeup, set your alarm, and go to bed.


Night one is complete.


Have breakfast at Bruegger’s Bagels.

Eat two if you have to, you have a long day ahead of you.

Meet up with your friends for the tailgate.

Bruegger’s is, also, the time to meet up with your friends who you are tailgating with. A lot of people from all over Michigan come for this game, so now is the time to re-connect with your high school friends.


Wear your game day outfit!

Green and White everything, duh.


The frats will be extremely crowded, but outrageously fun. Make sure you add all of your squad on Find My Friends before entering the tailgate.

Have a post-tailgate snack at Jimmy Johns.

You need to go home and go to bed to get ready for tonight, start with a snack.


Wear your simplest costume this night.

Chances are, after tailgating all day, you won’t want to spend two hours applying an intricate skull to your face.

Party with your high school friends!

Go to a party where your high school friends will be since they are all in East Lansing for the game.

Post-party snack at Taco Bell.

It’s the perfect place to introduce them to all of your college friends since everyone always ends up at Taco Bell. If you’re still going strong, stay out later, you don’t have to wake up early tomorrow.



Have breakfast at Leo’s Coney Island.

Bring your sunglasses and best groutfit and catch up on everyone’s crazy night.

Relax with friends!

Find a good spot on the couch with a bottle of water and binge-watch a show with all of your friends. I suggest getting your homework done for Tuesday if you can get around to it.

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To go out or not to go out…

If you’re hardcore, you can go out tonight. There will be parties going on; however, many students will probably stay in and do homework, nurse their hangover, or catch up on sleep.


Have a refreshing and cleansing smoothie for breakfast.

Cleanse your body of all the impurities you digested over the weekend.

Get all of your priorities squared away.

Class, gym, homework. Get it all done so you have no worries come Tuesday morning.


Wear your best, most intricate, awesome costume for the final night!

Bring your A game for the real night of Halloween.

Squad up with your best friends.

You can even do a group costume to really celebrate the night.

Party at your favorite frat, bar, or apartment.

Wherever you end up on a normal night is where you should go. You always have fun at this place and know that the fun will be tripled tonight.


Enjoy a post-party snack at Cottage Inn.

End the weekend at the best after party in town. Nothing beats a visit to George and a Stagger Home Pizza with lots of ranch. Maybe you’ll even make the Cottage Inn Snapchat story.

After Cottage Inn, go home, completely take off you entire costume and makeup, drink a million waters, and set that alarm. Tomorrow’s going to be rough.


Happy Halloweekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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