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The Ultimate UF Recruitment Guide

The Ultimate UF Recruitment Guide

Stressing about recruitment (what outfit to wear, how to do your hair, conversation topics, etc.)? Well, keep reading for the ultimate UF recruitment guide!

Formal recruitment is exhausting. You are at your highest of highs and lowest of lows during the week, but believe me when I say it is all worth it! There is stress about what outfit to wear, how to do your hair, conversation topics, etc. but luckily, I am here to help. As someone who went through formal recruitment at UF, I have a few tips and tricks (as well as the general rules) to help you through the process. Keep reading for the ultimate UF recruitment guide!


1. Do your research!

Know the Philanthropies

What cause speaks out to you? Is it Alzheimer’s or the Children’s Miracle Network? Check out the chapter’s philanthropies before recruitment –this can help a lot in preparation & is also a great conversation topic!



Check out Social Media Platforms

Instagram/Tumblr/Website/YouTube are all platforms chapters at UF use to reach out to PNMs and alumnae. You will be able to see what sisters are up to while seeing the vibe of each one.

AVOID Greek Rank

This seems to be a website that hurts a lot of PNMs during the process. I urge you not to look at it and focus on your own experiences. Every chapter here at UF is phenomenal and the whole point of recruitment is finding your second home!



2. Dress to Impress!

Recruitment is basically like speed dating with other girls and, therefore, a first impression is important. Be sure to check out UF Panhellenic’s Pinterest – they have a board for every round!

Round 1

A shirt will be provided for you both days. Wear comfy yet cute shorts for this day. Make sure they are not too short (they always say wear what you wouldn’t mind your grandma seeing you in). I highly recommend J. Crew, Old Navy or Lilly Pulitzer shorts for this day. Wear sandals for this day! No flip flops though, so I would suggest Jack Rogers.


Round 2

This outfit should be casual and cute. A romper or sundress are perfect options. Stay away from two-pieces or things that are too short. I would suggest looking at local boutiques or online for this round. They provide trendy outfits that are good quality. This round is where you can really show your everyday clothing personality, so go for the bright colors or trendy accessories! Sandals are still the way to go.

Round 3

This round gets a little dressier. A sundress with wedges is appropriate. Sundresses can range from Forever 21 to Lilly Pulitzer…that is totally up to you! Make sure you can walk in the wedges & bring an extra pair of sandals in your purse for between houses!

Preference Round

This is the dressiest round. A nice cocktail dress with heels. Lulu’s is a great website to get your dress on a budget! Stay away from dresses that are too tight or show off too much skin, again think of what you’d wear with your grandma!



Bid Day

An outfit similar to Round 2 wear is perfect for the best day of the year!! Be sure to wear sandals as you will be running home!


What NOT to wear during recruitment:

  • Anything low-cut or too short (say no to the high-waited jean shorts for Round 1).
  • Large amount of jewelry. Keep it simple with one or two pieces.
  • Boots or pants. It’s way too hot in Gainesville to wear them!
  • Too much makeup. Recruitment is in August so it’s going to be hot. You do not want tons of makeup on your face or else you will sweat it all off!

If you are not sure if your outfit is recruitment appropriate or not, ask your Pi Chi!


3. Take Advantage of the Experience!

Remember: your Pi Chis are there to help!

Recruitment is an emotional roller coaster. They are there for you! Feel the need to cry? Go for it. They can’t give you advice on certain houses, but they can help you figure out dilemmas. They are unbiased and have gone through the same thing!

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Whether or not you end up in a house, take this as a learning experience.

Use it to improve your small talk. Use it to get better at bragging about yourself. All of these things are crucial in the real world. This can all be a positive experience if you make it be one.


Take this as an opportunity to clean up your social media as well.

Chapters are weary of taking girls who may be a risk management issue, just like jobs and internships. Stay away from posts that blatantly show alcohol or drugs in them and instead show off your amazing summer travels!!


Be yourself!

I cannot stress this enough. Make jokes if you want to make jokes. Be honest. So many girls go through recruitment acting like someone they’re not. The whole point of recruitment is finding a house where you can be 100% yourself.

And last but most imporantly…

Eat the dessert during preference!

Final Takeaway:

Recruitment was an experience I am so lucky to have gone through. I now have a home away from home. Never be afraid to ask questions about the process, it sure is a difficult one!




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What other tips would you add to this UF recruitment guide? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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