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10 Spots To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At UF

10 Spots To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At UF

University of Florida gets overwhelming. Sometimes crying at UF is necessary. Here are 10 spots to cry when you just can't anymore at University of Florida

School work can be a serious b*tch at UF. When things get insanely overwhelming, here are 10 spots to cry at UF when you just can’t even anymore!

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1.  Your Shower

It is no mistake this location is number one on the list. Here, you can be warm, safe, and isolated- all at the same time! It doesn’t get better than this! Some might even agree that a day is not complete until after a good shower crying sesh at UF. Bonus: you won’t feel the tears running down your face because of the constant stream of water.


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2. Lib West

The best part about this place is that you won’t be the only one crying there. Everyone on campus has hard classes, stressful lives, and even more stressful schedules. Pick a table of your choice at UF, unpack your bags, and turn on the water works with the rest of the students. This camaraderie will make you feel better, and even if it doesn’t, it will still be nice to have company while you’re stuck at rock bottom.


3. Any Class. Literally

Class can be a nice time to cry because it can lead to a good outcome. Your classmates at UF will look at you so understandingly, you might even make some new friends, while your professor may finally start cutting you some slack. After all, everyone in the room will is automatically invited to your pity party, so turn on the tears and reap the benefits.

4. The Academic Advising Office

If you need to cry to someone, do it to a professional. Seriously, even though they can’t really do anything, they do have a degree so you will get at least some kind of advice. Just walk into your advisor’s office, sit down, and let the tears come.


5. The Pond A Rietz Union

The best part about this spot is the view. Honestly, can it get any better than a murky pond with the occasional turtle in it? Probably not. And if it can, then you don’t really have anything to cry about, do you? This place will remind you to be thankful for what you have, even if all you have is a bad day.

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6. Norman Parking Garage

Norman is the ideal place to have a meltdown because there is just so many floors to cry on! For instance, you could start on the first level and hike all the way to the rooftop until you find your favorite one. Try them all! You’re bound to find one good spot. Plus, you can start counting all the tickets people have to make yourself feel better along the way. At least you’re not one of them.

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7. Hume Field

Conveniently located behind the honors dorm, this field is almost never used. In this large, wide, empty space, you can cry in peace without being disturbed. You won’t have to worry about your roommate barging into your dorm, or any one, walking by at all because, for some reason, this field is as desolate as a desert.


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8. The Steps by Turlington Plaza at UF

As one of the most packed places on campus, you can easily blend in with the crowd here. Between avoiding bikers and skateboarders that shouldn’t be on the side walk anyways, pedestrians have so much to worry about, they probably won’t even look your way. This is ideal because you can cry as ugly as you want, and it still won’t be the strangest thing going on in Turlington.


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9. The RTS on UF

No matter how packed the bus is, you will still end up feeling like you’re riding solo. While everyone is plugging in their headphones and trying their hardest not to make awkward eye contact, you will be able to cry in peace, because no one will look your way. Plus, you will have plenty of time to compose yourself, since it takes at least an hour to get anywhere once you are on this thing.

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10. Century Tower

Even when you’re at your lowest, there’s nothing like being reminded that you are at the best university in the world. Don’t forget to look up to one of UF’s most popular landmarks and remember where you are. Plus, you’re bound to see the incoming freshmen stop by on tour, so you will get a few good laughs in too. After all, if they’re eagerness can’t lift your spirits, nothing else can!

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