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Top European Destinations According To Your Personality Type

Top European Destinations According To Your Personality Type

Top European Destinations According To Your Personality Type

While everybody should attempt to visit as many cities in Europe as possible, there are several European destinations that are renowned for suiting certain personality types. Perhaps you are limited to choosing one city for a much needed break or are short on time to travel. Here is a list of six popular European cities that may appeal to you based on what type of person they typically attract.

The Romantic: Paris, France

Famously “The City of Love”, Paris is a dream vacation spot for the romantic person. Likewise, it is the perfect European destination for couples who want to escape on either a weekend break or for a longer stint. From visiting the Eiffel Tower, experiencing French cuisine, going for long walks through the cities various parks and heading to the Louvre there is an underlying romanticism in visiting Paris that will appeal to this type of person.

The Creative: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the perfect European destination for people with a creative personality that would like to visit a vibrant and artistic location. The city offers something for everyone: being regarded as Europe’s party capital and it is especially famous for it’s historical significance. Berlin appeals especially to creatives due to it’s art scene and cultural aesthetics. This destination consumes tourists with it’s many museums, unique restaurants and bars alongside it’s world famous sights such as the Alexanderplatz, the East Side Gallery, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berliner Dom.


The Culture-Lover: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the perfect European destination for travelers longing to view a city that is rich in culture. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague is home to monuments such as the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Square. Admiring the city from the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge are among the most beautiful ways to admire the scenery and view the elaborate architecture.

The Extrovert: Barcelona, Spain

Not only is Barcelona one of the most beautiful European destinations to travel to, it is abuzz with energy and possesses a constant vibrant atmosphere. This city is perfect for the extroverted person; from exploring the city nightlife, being immersed in the thriving culture and visiting tourist attractions there is plenty to keep most tourists occupied. Some of the most lively areas in this city are the Gothic Quarter, the Plaça de Catalunya and Las Ramblas.

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The Environmentalist: Ljubjana, Slovenia

Renowned for being the European Green Capital 2016, Ljubjana is the perfect destination for the environmentalist type of person. The city has many green spaces, even in the depths of the city centre, and its residents strive to maintain it’s naturalistic temperament. Ljubjana is also a city that prides itself in recycling which is in stark contrast to many other major cities in Europe. There are numerous “Green tours” in this walkable city and there are two huge parks named Tivoli with Rožnik and Golovec.

The Adventurer: London, England

London, the capital of England and contestably one of the best cities in the world, is the perfect European destination for someone with an adventurous personality. Navigating through the different parts of this city is no light undertaking which makes it perfect for someone who likes a challenge. There are hundreds of different attractions in London – from bungee jumping to kayaking – and there is literally never nothing to do. Everyone should visit London at least once in their life!

We hope that you find this article useful and it helps you decide where you would like to travel to next time you plan on visiting Europe. Please comment your favorite European destinations, we’d love to hear them!
Feature Image Source: Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash