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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained Without Your Phone

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained Without Your Phone

It's hard to remember to put your phone down and appreciate what's around you. Phones can sometimes get in the way of life, and this is how to not let them.

We are part of a generation that is GLUED to their phones. If it’s not Snapchat, it’s Instagram, and so on. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself going without a screen. It’s easy, I promise. Buckle in, and here is your cleanse!

1. Read a Book.

A good book is a remedy for the mind to be occupied. To read a book is the perfect way to get you through a day. Without your phone, you’ll be so invested in the second life you’re leading through another writer’s eyes. You won’t miss your phone!

2. Take a Bath.

Taking a bath is a good way to give yourself some TLC, and not to forget to remind yourself that you’re a bad BITCH and you love that body you’re in. We don’t need social media bringing us down 24/7. Taking a bath is good for the mind, and the body. So get a lush bath bomb, a hot bath will help you to just kick back and relax.


3. Observe your surroundings and people.

People watching is actually a great thing to do. Sit down in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a park and observe. Observe how people are living their lives, do they seem happy? If people are happy, why are they so happy? Make up a little story about the people you see, and the surroundings. Be the writer of your own life for one day, and enjoy it. We sometimes forget to appreciate everything when we are glued to our phones, so allow yourself to remember that.

4. Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to wind down and to allow yourself to detox from life. We need to remember to breathe when things get really tough, or stressful. Get some relaxing music, leave your phone somewhere on Do Not Disturb and allow yourself to remember how beautiful life can be without a screen glaring in your face. Meditation will allow you to get in touch with a more relaxed side of yourself and it will give you a new insight into life. Life is hard and you need to remember how to detox yourself from all the bad things and focus on all the brilliant things around you.

5. Bake.

Baking is something that you can’t go wrong with. I mean, you’re occupied AND you’ve got food to keep you going. You can get inventive, and try recipes that you haven’t delved into. The Great British Bake off is perfect for inspiration, and you can imagine you’re in those signature and technical challenges with everybody. But really, it’ll help you find a new hobby and maybe new bakes that you really love and you really love making.

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Phones are a huge part of our lives, and we need to remember that sometimes it’s really good to just put your phone down, and enjoy life. It can be hard to remember that things aren’t as perfect as they look on the internet, so focus on your own life. Did this help you? Tell me how you remember to appreciate life without your phones. Do you use your phone too much? Tell me some ways below that you stop yourself from being glued to your phone when you need a break from it.

If you feel that your phone is taking over your life then keep yourself plodding on and do not to let it get to your head.


Remember that life is all about how you’re living it so change your lifestyle when it is due. Life can be a lot nicer when you can sit through a conversation or a meal without being glued to your phone like most people are now.

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