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Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

Here's our top tips for a blogger beginner: find out how to become a professional blogger when you are just starting off!

Dreaming of becoming a world-famous blogging persona? There is so much social media engagement going on nowadays so it’s easy to get lost within this crazy information flow. What to do when you are a blogger beginner? It’s much easier than you think. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use when you are just starting off your blogging career.

1. Plan It Out

Before you get started, it’s always helpful to gather your thoughts and decide on what you want to write about. A little tip: if you want to write about everything, your blog will highly likely fall into the “lifestyle” category. Now it may seem like a waste of time, but in the future, it can help you be more organized with your posts and provide a better understanding of the key concepts. Believe me: not a single successful blogger started off without thinking through drafting an editorial calendar in advance. So think about your target audience, your primary message, what is the main goal you want to achieve with your blog and how often you want to share information. People are simply not interested in browsing incoherent posts without one general idea behind them. And who wants to lose the audience?!

Think of what hobby or activity makes you stand out the most? What are you passionate about the most? What kind of set ideas do you want to share with the world? Write down a few points and map out how can you elaborate on them, mind-mapping the sub-topics. Eventually, you will figure out what works best for you!

Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

2. Find your style

First impression matters. And this the crazy age of accelerating technological change, the visual presentation is one of the key factors to build up on when promoting your first blog. When you go on someone’s website for the first time, you will most likely pay attention to the most conspicuous features such as a catchy title, colorful and trendy pictures, GIFs, etc. Eventually, you are going to stay on the website even if the theme is not relevant to your search. The power is in the hands of the visuals!

Simultaneously, it’s advised to stay coherent with the fonts and the images – your blog should have a personalized style. Design is more important than you think. If you are having struggles with that, go for minimalism – this option is a slam dunk!

Where to find inspiration from? Well, there are a few websites you can browse to pick your brain. Sources like Behance, Pinterest, and Designcollector will help you create your brand’s visual presentation and aesthetic.

Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

3. Set Up Your Website

This part depends on your graphic design skills and the amount of effort you are willing to invest in your business project. Yeah, you can proudly call your blog a business project! You have two options here: you can either pick out the most convenient platform for you or learn a programming language (sound intimidating but don’t freak out, we’ll come to that). There are plenty of platforms available online to run your page; for instance, Wix, Tilda, WordPress. Each of these presents their own unique system of templates – there’s something for everyone! Sign up for free first and experiment with different designs; see what suits you best and ponder whether you want to choose a premium subscription. A little tip: if you take your blog seriously and aim to achieve big goals, splurge on the paid membership – it’s worth a go!

Moreover, you can dive into the mysterious world of python or any other programming languages you prefer. Let me tell you: lots of well-paid future-oriented vocational field require web development skills so your blogging hobby can make a tangible contribution to your future career prospects. To create web interfaces you need to know how to manage Javascript as well as HTML and CSS markup languages. You can find a ton of different courses on YouTube and Lynda. It’s all yours!

Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

4. Engage

As a blogger beginner, you have to always keep going! Being active on your platform is the key to success. Read and reply to comments (politely!), like, share, subscribe to other blogs, DM fellow bloggers to create bonds and exchange the content.

Learn new things! Keep monitoring YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms for new updates and interesting ideas.

Tips And Tricks For A Blogger Beginner

What tip you have found the most useful for a blogger beginner? Share in the comments!

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