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Men’s Clothing VS Women’s Clothing: Where We Differ

Men’s Clothing VS Women’s Clothing: Where We Differ

Men's Clothing VS Women's Clothing: Where We Differ

Men’s clothing has always been a debate within fashion due to the ways in which it drastically differs from women’s clothing. Women have always been known for stealing their boyfriend’s clothes and manufacturers known for creating items for women with labels such as ‘boyfriend fit’, enticing them to buy the items with a manlier fit. However, over the years women have ditched the ‘boyfriend fit’ for men’s clothing all together for a variety of reasons.

I’m going to encourage you to do yourself a favour and move over to the men’s section in stores.


The girls can never feel warm. Period.


If you have ever compared the fabrics used in both male and female clothing, you will have noticed a change in the quality.

Men’s clothing tends to be made of thicker fabrics that are not only warmer but more durable, meaning they will last longer than women’s clothing which is prone to wear and tear faster.


The reason for this distinct difference in fabrics is a bit of an unknown but there are theories. Because women are the main target of the consumer market it makes sense to make less durable clothes to encourage women to shop more. It becomes necessary to keep shopping to replace the articles of clothing that end up getting worn and damaged.

The difference in fabrics can also be chalked down to the need to layer items in order to keep warm in cold weather. Due to the layering of thin fabrics, the fashion industry is able to sell more clothes.

Overall, men’s clothing is far warmer and higher quality when compared to the items you find in the women’s section.



Women’s clothing isn’t made for every woman.

If you are taller and broader than the average women, you have probably encountered problems finding clothing that fits you well. Worry no longer, men’s clothing has you covered.

With more fitting shoulder measurements and long pant legs, you’re bound to find the right fit for you in the men’s section.


Even if you are not particularly tall and broad, you can also find the right fit for you due to men’s clothing also having a wide range of fits to suit every style you can wish for. I suggest investing in men’s button up shirts as these have the best fit and range of silhouettes.

If women’s fits have never suited you well, you are sure to find your answer in men’s fashion.


Attention To Detail

I’m talking about pockets.

It may seem like a minor thing to get complaisant about but there is a valid reason for the complaints about male vs female pockets.

Female pockets have no use. Like at all. The fear of losing your personal belongings is a real fear because they are not big enough to hold anything in them. Introducing the handbag, a needed item if you’re female due to a lack of other storage space.


However, if you are male your clothing features pockets everywhere. Breast pockets, inside pockets, pants with pockets. This is something I have realised more and more over the years as I have been shopping for men’s jackets and blazers (for myself) and been pleasantly surprised to find a goldmine of pockets. Inside pockets are not just convenient, they’re safe for items such as your phone and wallet.

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Pocket discrimination is a very clever technique to market handbags to women in order to store everything that is needed. Rather than give us the choice to use a handbag or not, the choice is taken away.



It is more affordable to be male.

The cost of the clothes themselves are way cheaper but men also save money through accessories. The plain fact being that men don’t need accessories. Handbags aren’t essential. Layering fabrics are not essential to keep warm. It is simply cheaper.


The fashion industry knows that the average male will not spend a great amount of money on clothes. This is why men can find quality items at slashed prices, they are not the main target of the fashion industry.

Men’s clothing comes at affordable prices for the items you are getting. Women’s retailers will overcharge for very simple and basic items on the basis that women are consumers and will pay inflated prices to own these items.

Freedom of Choice

You get a lot more choice in the type of men’s clothes you get to wear.


You get such a variety between cool and classy to fun and laid back. Suits, shirts, t-shirts, they come in all styles, shapes, and sizes.

Women’s clothes on the other hand gear towards a feminine look with very female colours and fits. It is a lot harder to find a variety on the high street nevermind the overly feminine designer wear. A well fitting suit is hard to find because they are all either oversized or super tightly fitted. It never provides the perfect silhouette that you would find with a man’s suit (and never contain inside pockets).

Having said all this, I hope you give the men’s section a chance and make it your new go-to place for all of your fashion needs! Of course, women’s fashion still contains a lot of playful items you can buy and style how you like, however, if you’re looking to be more practical and cost-effective with your fashion, I recommend checking out what men’s clothing has to offer you.

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