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8 Styling Tips For Uni Students

8 Styling Tips For Uni Students

When back to school season comes around, the shopping world is flooded with new styles! But we've got the foolproof styling tips that never go out of style.

‘Back To School’ styles hit the fast fashion industry about January of every year – but how many of their suggestions are actually accurate to what uni students wear?

When it comes to styling tips for uni students, well, we’ve got you covered! From one uni student to another, you’re about to get a quick lesson in how to actually dress like the uni student you are!

Tip #1: Wear Slippers

Because you know your uni is going to have that air con blasting out an Alaskan winter wind even if it’s ten degrees. Seriously; the people who set the campus temperatures must program it from the Sahara. What else explains the unnecessary cold of a uni classroom?


Because uni students don’t have power of the air cons, it’s best to rug up. And the ideal shoe to keep your little tootsies cold? The slipper, of course.

While ‘Uggs’ are popular choice, it’s also a throwback to the tween years when every fourteen year old thought these slippers were the ultimate fashion statement.

If you want to branch out, try some animal shaped slippers! Or, if comfort is your goal, pick up some of Grandma’s moccasins before the semester stars!


Tip #2: Rug Up

For the same reasons as above. It’s cold, and you need to combat it somehow!

The number one thing to remember about uni is that you’re all slowly dying inside. And that slow, inevitable collapse of shame = a lack of societal expectations to look a certain way. So if you wanna rock up at uni with a blanket wrapped around you, you definitely won’t be scorned – in fact, you probably pick up a few compliments for this fluffy accessory.

Tip #3: The University Hoodie

It might cost a quick buck – generally $50 for one embroidered with your uni and residence – but it’s a staple in the uni student wardrobe. If you don’t have one, you definitely need to invest.


The reason why this hoodie is so great? Because everyone else has one!

If you want to blend in class and never answer a question, then you do as the wolf and put on some sheep’s clothing.

Tip #4: The Free Shirts

AKA the staple shirt.


It’s free, it’s always lying out in your bedroom somewhere (convenient to grab), and it’s usually discrete. When you’re rolling out of bed for that 8 a.m. class you stupidly signed up for, you don’t want to be scrambling for an outfit last minute.

So you just pull on some jeans and that free shirt the uni gave you at the start of the year, and you’re good to go!

Tip #5: Wear The Same Clothes Twice

Or thrice – as many times as you want, really.


If you have consecutive days of class, you really don’t need to be stressed about finding an outfit for each day – not when you can wear the same thing again and again.

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Just give it a quick sniff test, and you’ll be good to go. The reason why? Well, because most uni classes are compiled of different students and the likelihood you’ll see the same people two days in a row is a negative.


Tip #6: Pyjamas Are Cute

And totally acceptable. The later into the semester, and the earlier in the morning it is, the more leeway you have to just roll out of bed and show up.

You’re not walking a catwalk, but even if you were, those matching pug-pyjamas are stylish AF. Plus they’re comfy, and when you’re sitting in a room for three hours on end, comfort is the number one thing to consider when putting together an outfit.

Tip #7: Sweatpants Are Cool

Since athleisure is acceptable to wear now, why not go for comfy athliesure. Not only are sweatpants comfy and nonrestrictive, they also keep you warm.


Plus, they’ll go with your slippers, and we do want an outfit that’s coordinated after all.

Tip #8: Just Don’t Wear Thongs

Flip flops, sandals – whatever you call them, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that no one really needs to be seeing those wiggly toes during class, or get a whiff of them either.

Even if you think they don’t smell, always put in a little extra effort to wear appropriate footwear – aka slippers, always. Your peers will appreciate the thought.


Will you be wearing these outfits next semester? Drop an answer in the comments!

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