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420 Gummies That You Need To Try ASAP

420 Gummies That You Need To Try ASAP

420 Gummies That You Need To Try ASAP

The cannabis industry is trying to find healthier and healthier ways for people to consume cannabis. There has recently been a missive increase in interest of edibles, instead of bongs and blunts. Edibles are easier to consume, healthier, dont leave a smell on your clothes and they taste good.

Spring is fast approaching, and with spring comes 42o and 420 gummies. These are 420 gummies that you need to try. (Mostly vegan)

Rainbow Sour Belts

These 420 gummies treats can be found on gummy420, where they have a range of different gummy sweets. One of which are Rainbow Sour Belt, they’re tongue fizzling taste great and give you a good buzz.


Gummy Rings

These 420 gummies can also be found on gummy 420, they come in a range of different flavours includeing apple and peach and are the perfect shape to sink your teeth into.

Chocolate peanut butter bars

These aren’t technically gummies, but they’re definitely chewy, and definitely a must try, they full of great flavour, and full of protein and deliciousness. They serve the purpose of getting you buzzed and fulfilling your munchies.

SuckIT Edibles

SuckIT is abrand that do a wide range of edibles. There’s tonnes of vegan and gluten free flavours to try out this 420. Theres around 40 in a pack, and the dosages are perfect so you wont be left unsatisfied.


Wana Gummies

Wana brand gummies are a brand based in the US. The dosing is great and there’s loads of great flavours textures and varieties of sweets.


Be Tru Wellness offers cannabis edibles that are more directed to medicinal rather than recreational purposes. They’re a great natural pain releif, and mellow out anxiety. So whether physical or mental Be Tru aids all of your 420 needs and pains.

Highly Edible

Highly edible products mainly contain CBD and Indica. And are a great alternative if you’reafter a truly mellow 420.



Verdelux have a range of both CBD and THC products. They specialise in chocolate based products but also have a range of soft sweet jellies.They work with farms that don’t use an pesticides and fungicides, and choose partners that have the same ethics.

See Also

Canyon Cultivation

Canyon Cultivation have been making and providing ‘flavorful, discreet and accurately medicated’ edibles for around 8 years. Most products are completely vegan, gluten and GMO free. They use all natural products and promote a clean process.


VCC Brands

VCC Brands started off really tiny, but are beginning to skyrocket. Their products are mostly vegan and cruelty free. Dosages are clear and 50/50s are available.


CBDfx Gummies are 100% reasonably prices gummies. They use all natural and organic ingredients. They promote good health and have antioxidant options available. They also have a great effect and a wide range of flavours. Plus if you purchase online there’s often deals and discounts.

Buddha Bomb Gummies

Buddha Bomb gummies have a wide range of gormet 420 gummies that comes in a wide range of flavours and types that are all completely reasonably prices. Alongside gummies they also have a range of lovely chocolatey treats as well.



Another all natural brand, Zendo specialises Cannabis infused products. They offer treats such as almonds, chocolates and peanut butters, perfect for a 420 picnic in the park. There goal is all about higher healing and using nature. And providing products that can be taken everywhere during all adventures in life.

420 gummies are a great way of getting high with a great taste, health benefits and without drawing too much attention to yourself. Share your experiences with 420 gummies in the comments below.