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Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

Summer is almost here! So that means bikini’s, short shorts, booty shorts, and mini skirts. Being super skinny is no longer in fashion and everyone wants to be slim thick. Meaning juicy thighs, that are toned. The only way to secure perfect thighs in time for summer is to cut out the junk and do muscle building thigh exercises on a daily basis.

Here are my top tips on getting those slim thighs toned in time for summer.


Squats are great for strengthening your lower body. They work on your calf muscles thigh muscles, and bum muscles. They’re guaranteed to give you rock solid slim thighs, you just have to commit to the cause and practise every day. And make sure you’re doing them correctly, there lots of videos online you can watch to check out the correct ways, but the main thing is to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor, and keep your back straight.

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

Plank Dips

A general plank is really great for you especially with things such as your core. But since we’re on a slim thighs journey pick the heat up a bit by taping your big toe outwards and then back to the centre. You can do them individually but if you want to step things up do both at the same time.

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Warrior One

Warrior One is a pose commonly practiced in Yoga. It ensure’s a solid foundation and keeps you in balance.¬† The idea of this is to keep your lower body strong and the strength of those thighs. Practice this move often and you’ll be sure to get firm thighs this summer.

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer


Cardio such as running and swimming is great for your entire body. Its a fast way to burn calories efficiently and keeping you slim. Plus its great for strengthening, swimming uses all of your muscles including your thighs and bum, as does running – although running is much more effective in strengthening your lower body.

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Similar to a plank lunges are perfect for your bum and thighs. They use all of your thigh producing a strong solid thigh that’s top and bottom. Its a great and easy way to build up that muscle and get rid of any unwanted cellulite.

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

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Cut Out Dairy

Dairy products are horrible for weight loss. They are high in fat and all of this goes straight to places like love handles and thighs. Cut out dairy and you’ll see a definite difference in your thighs. Taking dairy out also improves your skin, all over your body, and you’ll notice smoother slimmer thighs.

Slim Thighs Toned Just In Time For Summer

Eat Steamed Veg

Eating steamed veg is a great way to lose weight. Eating processed foods aren’t good for weight loss and to get all of the vitamins out of veg they basically have to be raw – or as close to raw as possible. Steaming is great because barely any nutrition will get lost, and great nutrition aids weight loss.

Air Cycling

Air cycling is an exercise destined for slim thighs. Lay on your back and start low cycling, gradually bring your legs further and further up then further down again. Don’t let your feet touch the floor. This move is also great for your core, but try to concentrate on using your leg muscles to achieve the movements.

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since we’re on the topic of cycling, going on a bike ride can be great for your thighs. Its always great to get out there and go on a trip and breath in that summer air. But its also perfect for your lower body.

Achieving your goal of slim thighs doesn’t have to be difficult. It will soon be summer meaning you want to look your best in that bikini. Tell us your favourite slim thighs toning method in the comments below!

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