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5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Bad For Your Health

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Bad For Your Health

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Bad For Your Health

We all love our coffee and would not even imagine spending a day without that hot cup that is sometimes the only reason we get out of bed in the morning or the reason we get motivated to leave the house and go be productive. There have been some studies that show the benefits of coffee for our health but do we ever think about the bad effects our favourite drink has on us? Check out the following five reasons why coffee is bad for your health!

It Increases Your Stress Hormones!

Coffee contains caffeine which increases your stress hormones which have the ability to increase your insulin. Getting used to caffeine decreases your insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for your cells to respond correctly to blood sugar. So, if you ever feel lousy after your cup of coffee, now you know why!

Watch out for the amounts you consume as well! Switch your coffee for tea or decaf coffee as it contains a lot less caffeine and is so much better for you and you will quickly see the difference in the way you feel.


All That Sugar!

Even though most of us will argue that they consume pure coffee, many forget what actually goes in your cup when you order at a coffee shop. Sugar, whipped cream, syrups, etc. have so much sugar in them and we often forget that they’re there even though we can taste the sweetness of the drink. In some instances, the cups of coffee you purchase from a shop have twice the recommended daily amount of sugar you need, so be very careful what you order and what is in your drink! If you need to feel refreshed try water with lemon or just flavoured water, but no sugar!

Coffee Can Cause Tooth Decay and Staining!

It is a known fact that coffee stains! Not only your favourite shirt but your teeth as well! It takes only one cup of coffee to begin the staining, and if you put syrups or sugar in your coffee as well it is not good for your teeth at all! If this is not a legit reason to quit coffee… Try slowly reducing your intake or find a healthier drink to switch it for.

It Increases Your Anxiety Levels!

Coffee is known to make your heart race faster and you’ve definitely felt that before, right? Caffeine increases the amount of adrenaline in your body and if you are somebody who suffers from anxiety, quitting coffee is definitely what you should do! Tip: if you can’t quit coffee, reduce the amount of coffee you put in.

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If you usually have your coffee outside, try making it at home and just put less espresso in and more milk. This way the amount you consume is less but you still get a taste of it, and the caffeine intake is limited.

Quitting Coffee Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

Caffeine can cause quite a dramatic increase in your blood pressure for a short amount of time. Stopping coffee on time can stop you from being at risk of any related diseases and it can be very beneficial for your health. Switching to decaf can be a good way to stop the amount of caffeine you usually consume! Fact: decaf coffee actually has none of the side effects that normal coffee does so definitely go for it if you can’t quit entirely!


Are you convinced that coffee is bad for your health? Leave a comment below which reason changed your mind and if quitting coffee is something you would do!

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