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10 Relaxing Things To Do In London

10 Relaxing Things To Do In London

Need something relaxing things to do in London? Here is a list of London's most relaxing activities. Relax in London the best way possible. Check them out!

Living in London can sometimes be stressful. Work pressures coupled with the other stresses of being an adult can sometimes feel overwhelming, so sometimes it’s really important to take some time to relax and really unwind.  To give you some ideas on how to indulge here are 10 extravagant ways to pamper yourself with some relaxing things to do in London.


Facials are a great way to take some time to yourself and get some much-needed skin therapy. With all the hardship, you put your skin through on a daily basis- makeup, air pollution, frowning over a spreadsheet among other things- a facial is the perfect way to brighten your skin back up and really leave the beauticians glowing.  With many options available, from express 30 minutes to full over hour sessions each tailored for different uses and for different skin types, the facial is a great relaxing way to unwind and really pamper yourself.



Massages are perfect for any city girl looking for an effective way to relax and unwind, to really leave the stresses of working life behind. Massages are a fantastic way to release muscle tension, improve posture and to diminish aches and pains in general. There are many different choices out there in terms of massage: Trigger Point, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stone… each with its own method and goal. A perfect way to let go of the daily pressures of life.

Spa Day

If you’re really looking to go all out and get the ultimate pamper day, a spa day is the perfect option for you. A usual spa in London will give you access to saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, swimming pools in addition to a range of treatments. This indulgent day is the perfect way to unwind and let go of the stresses of day to day life. This is also a great day out for you and a friend/ parent/ significant other to really make the most of the day.

Hair Cut and Dry

London is an extremely busy place to live, making things like keeping up to date with hair care can be put on the backburner. Heat styling, product use and constant temperature change can really take its toll, so it’s a good idea to really take the time to enjoy a trip to the salon and get a good cut and style. Whether you are looking for a full change in style, or just a simple trim and conditioning treatment, you’ll be guaranteed to leave feeling like a new person.



Our hands go through a lot every day; temperature change, impacts, being wet without being dried properly… and our feet get similar treatment- its unsurprising that our nails are prone to breakage. A trip to a nail specialist every once in a while is a great way to bring moisture back into your hands and feet. There are several options when heading to the nail bar. A simple manicure or  pedicure or a full colour set. Your hands will thank you later.


When thinking of acupuncture, ideas of pseudoscience and becoming a human pincushion come to mind. Acupuncture has been proven to release aches and pains by bringing blood to the area to heal any afflictions. This is a more unorthodox pampering method. The feeling of wellness experienced after a treatment is not to be mocked.

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Body Alignment

Another slightly unorthodox treatment, but equally effective, is a body alignment treatment. These are designed to realign your bones, improve posture and relieve aching. The practice involves moving the body in  a way oxygen is released from in-between joints. The body alignment treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and walking taller.


Personal Shopping

This is a great way to pamper yourself. A personal shopping experience is not only a great way to feel great about yourself and relax, but it’s the perfect opportunity to reinvent your wardrobe. Personal shoppers are the best way to really get to know what clothing styles and colours will fit your tone and shape. You will leave feeling like a million bucks.


After purchasing your new wardrobe, the next stop on the perfect pampering day is a makeover. A makeover is a great way to perfect your day to day makeup. The beautician will be able to tell you which colours suit your skin tone and match your foundation. They will also be able to recommend products suited to your skin type leaving you to feel beautiful and like a new woman.



What better way to show off your over all sense of well-being with a photo-shoot? This may be better taken by a significant other or friend. This is a great way to record a special occasion. It is even great to have something to look back on to remember how great you look.

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