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5 Actual CHEAP Gyms In London To Workout In

5 Actual CHEAP Gyms In London To Workout In

These are the best cheap gyms in London to workout in! Unfortunately, staying fit costs a price that we can't deal with. However, these inexpensive fitness clubs allow us to save some money!

Finding a gym membership that’s both affordable and student-friendly in London can often sound impossible. The majority of them cost a fortune for student budgets and can be quite inflexible when it comes to hours of use. However, don’t let that put you down, as there are plenty of options that the city offers. Here are some actually cheap gyms in London that you can start doing your workouts in.

Pure Gym

With over 190 gyms and 900,000 members in the United Kingdom, Pure Gym offers some of the most affordable gym memberships in town. Prices start at £12.99 per month (with flexible student prices), and memberships are contract-free, meaning that you can end them anytime without facing any extra charges. You can access Pure Gym in locations such as Hammersmith, Victoria, Marylebone, Holborn, South Kensington, Shoreditch and many others, with all of them being open 24/7. They offer 50 free workout classes in each one of them.


With memberships that include both free gym and swimming pool passes, Better offers plenty of opportunities for an all-round leisure experience in over 20 locations around London. Memberships are free of typical contract hassle, making it much easier for students to join and not be bound by 12-month memberships.



Located in London Cambridge Heath, this gym offers free-of-contract options that start at £19.99 per month within all opening hours. Truly a cheap option for students on a budget!

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The Gym

With the latest high-spec equipment that caters to all exercise routines, one of the cheapest gyms in London is The Gym. The gym offers prices that start as low as £10.99 per month with many free classes and 24/7 opening hours.



With 8 gyms located in London, EasyGym offers membership prices starting at £19.99 per month. If you decide you no longer feel like going to the gym, cancelling your membership is a hassle-free process, as memberships are contract-free. If you are unsure of whether you want to join, EasyGym offers a free induction pass as well. Your workouts do not have to be expensive!

What do you think of these cheap gyms in London to workout in? Let us know in the comment section below!

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