5 Reasons I’m Excited To Start At The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is an amazing uni to go to for so many reasons. Here are some reasons why I'm excited to begin school in Greenwich!

Studying at the University of Greenwich in South East London is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are the main reasons why I’m so excited to go back for another year!

1) The Beautiful Campus

The Maritime Campus of Greenwich Uni has one of the most breath-taking views you will ever see. The beautiful 17th century architecture is an aesthetic dream, with ornate buildings and symmetrical courts. When you walk through the campus and stop right in the middle, look to the right and come into view with the Queen’s House, look to the left and spot the O2 arena and Canary Wharf. To get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful campus, walk through Greenwich Park to the top of a (kind of steep) hill and really appreciate the symmetrical layout of the site. The contrast of the 17th century relic to the 21st century development of London’s Canary Wharf is amazing to see.



2) It’s A Filming Hot Spot

As a result of our campus being so beautiful, many film/TV crews come flocking to get shots of the period architecture. Many hit films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Thor: The Dark World, Les Misérables and so many more have filmed scenes on Greenwich Campus. It’s always so exciting watching the filming take place with all the cameras, lights and props. But it can also be a pain when this all gets in the way of your shortcut to classes!

3) There’s Great Eateries

Like many students, one of my greatest pastimes is eating. Finding somewhere to eat in Greenwich Town Centre is not difficult, and you may get an added bonus of an amazing view with your meal if you decide on a restaurant looking out over Canary Wharf. Walk through mazes of independent tea shops or rows of chain restaurants such as Nando’s, Zizzi, Gourmet Kitchen Burger, Simit Sarayi and many more. There is something for everyone. Greenwich Market is also a must see with its array of stalls from homemade jewellery to homemade churros. After uni, it is always so tempting to visit the market and see what new craft or food you missed the last time you were there.






4) London Is Right At Your Doorstep

Although Greenwich almost feels detached from London, the transport links into the city centre are great. Just a short DLR and tube or train ride and you’re in the heart of bustling London. Living in Greenwich is like living in a small village, which is great when you want some peace and quiet; but if you’re after some hustle and bustle, no need to worry, Central London is right there. One of my favourite past times is to go into central and wander around the amazing art galleries and museums.

5) Great People, Amazing Stories

Many people from all around the world come to study at the University of Greenwich, making it one of the most culturally diverse universities in the UK. With such a large number of international students, it’s so easy to start talking to someone and learning about their interesting lives and cultures. Studying at Greenwich and also observing the way London works through experience, you can see the importance international students bring to your course of study as well as seeing the effect these cultures have on London’s industry in food, clothing and the economy. Listening to these people and their stories has made me more culturally aware and how they enrich our own culture and our lives.

Are there any reasons you’re excited to start at the University of Greenwich? Let us know in the comments!
Featured Image Source:  weheartit.com